The Lonely Island Featuring Michael Bolton - Jack Sparrow

29 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Lonely Island are a three-piece band, who are a comedy music group. I had never heard of them, as they are not big hits in the UK, whereas in America and Australia their songs have had chart success. They have collaborated with many different artists from Justin Timberlake to Akon to Lady Gaga. This song features Michael Bolton, who has sung many different songs and reached limited success although he is well known. This song hasn't done well in the charts however the music video quickly became a YouTube phenomenon and currently have over 27 million hits. This is The Lonely Island's sixth single from their second album: "Turtleneck & Chain".

The song was written for a comedic effect. The Lonely Island raps about being in a club and talks about "not being Mr. Nice Guy". Whereas Michael Bolton sings about Captain Jack Sparrow (From Pirates of the Caribbean), there are other movie references within the song and its video. The rapping works well with the singing, as The Lonely Island tells Michael to focus, which implies that the music and the video was done there and then, however it wasn't since there is a big production team behind each of them, and they wouldn't allow this to be an off-chance, so it would have to be perfect. Which it is.

I can't help laughing every time I see this video, or hear the song. It is so funny as it suggests that The Lonely Island didn't have a clue what Michael Bolton was going to sing. I think this comedic effect is because of The Lonely Island, and I think it is to be expected from them, however don't quote me on that as I'm not confidently sure and this is the only video I've seen of them, since they are not big hits in the UK. Which is a shame as they are the perfect group to bring comedy into music.

I love the fact that Michael Bolton is dressed up in certain costumes, especially the Captain Jack Sparrow costume, that is hilarious, especially when he kisses the seagull. No matter however many times I watch this music video, it will always make me laugh, I just hope the music channels keep playing it for a while longer to hopefully pick up people's interest and hopefully get it in the UK chart, as it needs to get popularity.

I love this music video, and I can't fault it, well there are some references people will be surprised by, such as the references in the club made by The Lonely Island. Also it sounds like two totally different song have been mashed up together, which basically means that it doesn't work. But they are combined nicely with The Lonely Island telling Michael to focus. This is definitely a music video that will stay in my mind for a long time!