XTM Featuring DJ Chucky and Annia - Fly On The Wings Of Love

02 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

XTM is a dance band consisting of brothers Xasqui and Toni Ten. This was their first single, which was a cover version of the Olsen Brothers' hit "Fly On The Wings Of Love", they won Eurovision 2000 with this song. Personally, I haven't heard the original, since I adored this song and it's accompanying music video when I was younger, I always presumed this was an original song, how wrong was I? It features DJ Chucky, who helped with the song, and Annia, real name Eva Martí, who provided the vocals. As of yet, neither of them has gone on to release bigger hits, however XTM's second song (also featuring DJ Chucky and Annia) got quite a good chart position in the UK. However no more new music from them has been released, unfortunately. Could we see a return from either of these artists? I doubt it, although Eva Martí seems to be doing something at this moment...

As previously stated, I used to love this song and it's music video, I'm not quite sure why, I think the song is really catchy and engaging. As for the music video... Well nowadays it looks not so good, however back then (in 2003), these graphics were used a lot but none in music videos, which I think is what interested me into the music video because it was different from anything else that was being released. I also think that the chart position (number 8 in the UK) must have been down to the music video and the clubs that were probably playing this song. It also managed to get to number 1 in Ireland.

I like the narrative storyline to this music video, where the guy is late for a party and has to get there super quick, he dreams that he was on a motorcycle, but in fact it's just a push-bike, according to his watch he is late. And I like the fact that the party starts without him and the people relaxing outside are enjoying the music, some of them dancing, the speakerphone men headbanging in a speakerphone way. It's just really clever, and I personally wouldn't have a clue where to start, if I were to make a replica of this music video.

As per usual with animated music videos, there isn't a lot to say about it, it's very likeable, and due to the time it was released, it stood out compared to everything else that was being released. Everyone was aware of the song, however now they'd have to watch it again to remind themselves, luckily some music channels are actually still showing it, after 9 years, so there's still hope for this dance collaboration to return, but whether it will or not is debatable.