New Release: Tegan And Sara - I Was A Fool

10 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I spent ages looking for a new release that didn't include Mark Owen. The other options were Taylor Swift Featuring Ed Sheeran with "Everything Has Changed" but I don't think it is having an official single release in the UK, and others I looked for was Bridgit Mendler's "Hurricane" which also hasn't been released. I struggled, and finally came up with this one.

I always thought Tegan and Sara were a new duo, but I have just been surprised to find out that they released their first album in 1999. They are a Canadian duo consisting of twins Tegan Quin and Sara Quin. They have only recently hit the UK, and managed to become known for their song "Closer".

"I Was A Fool" was written by Tegan Quin and Sara Quin. It's a very emotional song, and could possibly be about past love interests. The song is one of those that gets stuck on my brain, and no matter how much I try to shake it, I end up singing it or at least tapping along to it in my head. It's currently climbing up the UK iTunes chart, but will it manage to hit the top 100 before Sunday? I haven't heard it much on the radio, and radio play is so important. Maybe they'll only be known for "Closer" here in the UK.

The music video matches the song, there is a performance side and a narrative side. The performance is simple with little to it. I feel the piano is a little on the distracting side, so much so that we don't quite see her emotional face. However I love the back drop and being able to see both the twins in the performance piece.

The narrative side is extremely emotional, clearly her and her partner has split, and she misses her partner. But she's so angry or upset that she won't take Sidney's phone calls. I like the idea of seeing the Quin girl in the narrative, it's almost as if she is a ghost or a guardian angel watching over her.

Overall a great music video, that has no flaws what so ever. The song is highly emotional and the music video reflects that perfectly. So here's my rating.