New Release: Matt Cardle Featuring Melanie C - Loving You

19 August Critic Jonni 2 Comments

Matt Cardle, winner of The X Factor Series Seven. He was signed to Syco but soon parted ways so that he could create the music he wanted, and boy has he done just that with this amazing song that should be charting high this Sunday. Matt Cardle is set to released his third album soon, and if this single is to give anything away, it is going to be a much loved album by his fans. The X Factor returns very soon, and the promo advert for it is so good including hits from the winners and the successful acts, however it hasn't included Matt Cardle, as well as other great acts to have come from the show. this brought quite a bit of controversy, as it does every year the promo gets released.

This song features the amazing Melanie C, 1/5th of one of the biggest and one of the best girl bands the world has ever seen, The Spice Girls. But she has definitely made a name for herself. She is currently performing in the west end, and has improved her voice and her acting skills. This is one person who knows how to perform.

The seventh series of The X Factor gave us a few good acts, as well as a few not so good. Reguardless, some got some great record labels, and this is what they have been up to as of late... Rebecca Ferguson (2nd), planning a second album, my guess is that she is on broken ice, if her new album doesn't chart well it could be the end for her and her Syco recording contract; One Direction (3rd), possibly the biggest boy band ever at the moment, here and in the US, if you don't know them, you've been hiding under a rock; Cher Lloyd (4th), working on a second album, after making it big in the US; Mary Byrne (5th), released 2 albums that charted well, and she is working on a third; Katie Waissel (7th), released an album which did not chart, and is now the front woman of a band called Red Velvet; Paije Richardson (8th), has released a few songs but nothing more; Aiden Grimshaw (9th), released "Is This Love" and "Curtain Call" as well as an album, and he is soon going to be releasing a follow up; Belle Amie (11th), released "Girls Up" but then another band member left, rumour has it that they are planning to return as a four-piece; Storm Lee (14th), re-released his album. There's a few other promising acts, but nothing concrete just yet.

"Loving You" is a song that is very catchy. It definitely reminds me of the famous duet between Bryan Adams and Melanie C called "When You're Gone". The song is also being released outside of the UK, in an attempt to crack the US maybe? With a featured guest as big as Melanie C, I guess it has a very big chance. I love the song, and although I am not a Matt Cardle fan, I have bought this song because it is that good! It's currently charting high on the iTunes top 100, getting into the top 10, lets hope it can stay there.

The music video has caused a bit of a controversy spark all over the country due to the kiss... Are they together? I want them to be as they would be a great couple, however I believe they are just friends. But I'm sure their fans would be happy for them if they did start a relationship with each other, we can always keep hoping they'll announce they're together, but it seems unlikely at the moment.

It is mainly a performance piece what with them singing the song in a house. Which is quite empty to be honest. It is full of emotion exactly like the song is and I can't help but feel sad for them as I try to work out why they are so lonely.

The performance piece acts as a narrative too, as far as I can depict, they are two people who have been having a fling together, this relates to the song perfectly such as when they sing 'does somebody hold you when you let me go?'. It is vividly strong, and they continue to sing how it's not enough for their hearts, they clearly deserve to be together, and the harmonies in this amazing song is just outstanding, they should so collaborate again in the future.

Overall a song that just blows me away and deserves a high charting, I'm hoping the more people who hear it the more people who will buy it, and surely radio has been picking it up, and if it isn't, it will do after this week as it seems to be charting this Sunday. The music video is great to watch, I have a few problems like what Melanie C is wearing... What is with that biker jacket? It just doesn't suit her, it may have done if she was wearing it properly, but she really isn't. But no other problems, just that the narrative could have been expanded that little bit more.


  1. Excellent review :)

  2. WOw! A very thorough review... but, How can you not be a Matt Cardle fan? He is completely hands on in every aspect of his music, Matt is utterly brilliant.