24 November Critic Jonni 8 Comments

Want Critic Jonni to review a certain music video? This is the place to suggest it!

Critic Jonni sometimes struggles to choose a music video to review, sometimes he even has to pick one off the top of his head.

It is easier if someone suggests a music video, and it also makes this blog more versatile.

So what are you waiting for? Suggest a music video TODAY!

NOTE: For Critic Jonni to review the suggested music video, the song must have:
- An official music video.
- Should be available to buy (or have a release date), preferably for the UK, but if it's release elsewhere it's okay.
- The video must be found on YouTube or another video site that allows people to share videos.


Suggested songs:
Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane
The Naked And Famous - Young Blood
Wiley Featuring Ms. D - Heatwave
Justin Bieber Featuring Nicki Minaj - Beauty And A Beat
Bb - Be Like Me
OK Go - Here It Goes Again
Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
Megan Landry - Wallpaper


  1. hi critic jonni can you please review bad meets evil fast lane.

  2. Hey john alex here,

    Do Young blood by the naked and famous ? :)

    Link here:

    Just a thought

  3. Do this song ?

  4. Started to really get into this song... review it ?

    Skip to about 35 seconds in, that's when the music starts.

  5. << thidyou should review BeLikeMe. This is the ONLY remix and has been playlisted on radio stations all over the country. BeLikeMe EP is also out now. Available for free download!

  6. Can you review Here It Goes Again by Ok Go

  7. Could you review, 'Why'd you only ever call me when you're high' Arctic monkeys

  8. Throwing one of mine out there xox ... diy'er artist/musician, song: Wallpaper, a social commentary piece