Love Bites - You Broke My Heart

26 October Critic Jonni 1 Comments

The Love Bites were the first ever rock band I liked, and they were definitely the band who got me into rock music. I was a part of their street team and everything, I've still got the stickers to prove it. After just two singles they soon broke up, and their planned album never got released even though it was ready. The band consisted of Danielle Graham, Aimee Haddon, Hannah Haddon and Nicki Wood. The band split up in 2006 after just 2 years. There are a lot of rumours that they have reformed, but whether this is true or not, I don't know. We'll have to wait and see.

You Broke My Heart, was the first of only two singles this band released, other single being "He's Fit". The song performed really well on the chart, making number 13 here in the UK. There second single did not do as well, and probably was the reason for the demise of the band. Personally, I think they should have released the album anyway, then fans (such as myself) could have bought it.

The music video links in perfectly. I love the fact that the guy actually has blue tinted eye-brows and a patch on his nose to represent it's broken. And he still go out in daylight? Seriously, how on earth did he get someone to go out with, while looking like that? Besides, I can understand how the band could have broken his nose, but to colour his eyebrows blue, without him realising they are doing it.... "yeah, right".

I like the fact that the band kind of follows him, by just appearing. It must have taken AGES to film this music video, as there would have been a lot of pausing. Also I like the fact that they jump out of the cinema screen, I have no idea how they did that, and no other music video thus far has used that effect. Also wouldn't it have been difficult getting the drums into the bus? Or is that a different effect used?

Overall I love this band and their songs. They remind me of Evarose and Checking Pulse, and I so hope the rumours about them reforming are true. I think this music video is really good, although it is a little cheap looking, suggesting possibly a low budget? However I like the narrative style of this song and it's music video, so I hope you don't think I'm being biased but....

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