This Week's UK New Single, EP & Album Releases 26/06/2020

As with every week, there have been so many new releases! Obviously, my favourite release, this week, has been INNA's new single "Nobody". I'm loving the direction she's taken with her new music recently and this deserves to be a summer hit and I certainly can't stop listening to it.

This Week's UK New Single, EP & Album Releases 19/06/2020

This week has seen so much new music, that it has not been easy to track it all. There's been some brilliant debut singles, EPs, and albums, and some releases from legendary stars. Find all the music that has been released this week including what you may have missed, below. These singles, EPs, and albums have all been released in the UK between 13 June 2020 and 19 June 2020. Some releases have previously been released a few weeks ago, in different countries, but have arrived on download and streaming services in the UK, this week (between 13/06/2020 and 19/06/2020).

New Release: Karen Harding & Digital Farm Animals - Undo My Heart

This song was released last week, but the music video was dropped today via Ultra Music's YouTube Channel and it is cuteness overload, for sure. The song is incredibly addicting and Karen Harding brings emotion easily throughout. Vocals on fire from start to finish, it's powerful and passionate with every listener feeling the lyrics in their hearts. It's one of my favourite releases from last week because of her awesome voice, the brilliant sound from Digital Farm Animals, and I just love the R&B hints that truly makes this song.

It's not easy to turn out a brilliant music video for such an awesome song, but they've done just that. Directed by Jordi Estapé with Henry Gill acting as director of photography, we watch Karen Harding spending time with her on-screen love interest and it's just so adorable. There is so many cute moments and scenes throughout and they've really captured the meaning of the song into the music video. It's refreshing to see, especially since I feel that this is how cute my long-distance partner and I look when we're spending time together, even though we haven't seen each other since the end of February due to this lockdown, and we really can't wait to be together again. This music video is full of love, heart, and passion, one I could watch again and again, on repeat. So beautiful!

R3HAB, NERVO & Ummet Ozcan - Revolution

It's Thursday, which means Thursday Revisit time, and I've decided to choose R3HAB's collaboration with NERVO and Ummet Ozcan, titled "Revolution" which charted well in Belgium, Ireland, and the UK, but did the best in Poland, peaking at number five. The video opens with a news announcement that the three artists are wanted and are somewhere in the desert, presented by a masked army guy with a robotic voice. The artists are then seen pushing a car across the desert, while an old man is eating cereal in front of a TV. A crowd comes to help them with the car as we see more of these holographic army-like people attempting to track R3HAB, NERVO, and Ummet Ozcan.

NERVO's vocals are absolutely incredible and really makes the track, whilst the backing track is awesome in itself. It's no surprise that the song managed to chart in some countries, and its accompanying music video is interesting and inspiring to a certain degree. Fierce and strong, this really stands out, and NERVO certainly has the spotlight on them during the whole visual.

Paul Rey - Talking In My Sleep

Easily one of many of my favourites from Melodifestivalen 2020, Paul Rey literally made me tear up the first time I heard this song. He performed it incredibly on the night, and this would've been a brilliant track to be sent to Eurovision to represent Sweden - to be fair, the Swedish national selection show is so incredible with plenty of amazing acts, that I'm pretty sure any of them would do well in the Eurovision Song Contest. This music video is so special, as I was given the opportunity to premiere the track on CelebMix, and interview Paul Rey, himself.

This music video is one of my favourites, I love how Paul Rey is in bed as visuals of him and his real-life wife during incredibly happy days are projected around him. We all rejoice in our happy moments and totally need to remember them when we're feeling down or away from our loved ones - more so than ever as we've been on lockdown and quarantine. It's a very weird time and true love will shine through if you let it. I do admit, I want to lye in bed all day and night and live in the dream world with the one I love until we can see each other again, and it has been so difficult - plus we're a long-distance relationship, so I feel like it's tougher and I just have to believe that we'll pull through and everything will be okay.

Although this music video is laid-back (literally with Paul Rey just lying in bed singing his song), it's cleverly done and relatable to many. I love how the projections work really well and suggest the scenes he has been dreaming about.

Sofia Carson & R3HAB - I Luv U

Ever since I saw Sofia Carson in the Disney Descendants movie, I have followed her singing career and her voice just keeps getting better and better with every song she releases. The video opens with a short statement from Sofia Carson, setting the storyline with the words, "She fell for him like a petal falls from a flower until every piece of her was his. She loved him and now nothing will ever be the same." - Anyone who has ever been in love, who has ever taken another into their hearts, and made their world theirs to share, will fully understand this, it's how I feel right now and have been feeling for the last two and a half years, although the song takes on a different meaning, there are bound to be times in any relationship where you'll understand the meaning of this song, either slightly or whole-heartedly.

The video sees Sofia Carson posing for the camera in a warehouse, clearly, she's doing a photo shoot. She looks absolutely stunning from start to finish. It's the perfect setting for something so emotional whilst being emotionless, as when posing for photos you are meant to express yourself in a different way to the way you are feeling, which is what we see during the other scenes of the video where she is off-set from the photo shoot. There are black and white visuals spaced between the narrative, showing Sofia Carson in the studio with R3HAB, recording the song, adding the much-needed emotion that allows the lyrics to connect with the listeners.

Chart Mondays: Tion Wayne, Dutchavelli & Stormzy - I Dunno

With the relaunch of my blog, I've decided to keep my Chart Mondays review, although I may have to switch up the rules for these reviews as the top-ten isn't as ever-changing as it used to be. DaBaby is number one this week with the song "Rockstar" featuring Roddy Ricch and since he previously got to number one, I'll probably write up a catch-up review on it and backdate it, so I've decided to choose Tion Wayne who has collaborated with Dutchavelli and Stormzy for this track "I Dunno".

Joy Club - In The Night

This music video was sent through my email last week and it piqued my interest purely because Blu Hydrangea stars in the visual alongside many others, and the thumbnail certainly drew me in. What I didn't expect was a catchy '80s inspired club track, with a crazy addicted beat and one brilliant dance choreography that is clearly inspired by TikTok and one I so wish I could learn how to perfect.

The club-goers of the world - me included - are missing the nightlife, the culture, the dancefloors, and the awesome club tunes that you only love if you're in a club, while we're on lockdown. Joy Club decides to bring house clubbing to your screen with this music video, although I can't ever imagine a dance choreography hitting the clubs like this one - this is totally an at-home dance sequence.

As the first verse of the song kicks in, we rewind to 10 hours earlier where we see the stars waking up and getting ready for the day ahead of them, setting up their club-at-home set and dressing themselves up. It showcases the boredom many of us have felt during the lockdown.

Such a good video that more people need to see this, and the song itself is so very catchy! What's not to love about this? Fierce, strong, and funny, Joy Club's music videos are ones to keep an eye on, for sure.

Lady A (Previously Known As Lady Antebellum) - Ocean

Lady Antebellum - Ocean | 

This song has quickly become one of my all-time favourite songs ever written, and I'm so glad that Lady A (previously known as Lady Antebellum) were the ones to record it. "Ocean" is one phenomenal song that makes me cry every single time I hear it because it means so much and can be interpreted into a number of different ways and can be related to being in love, having family relationships, and even friendships. We all have our demons, we all have walls (or should I say waves?), and we all push people away at some point in our lives - and this is even more relatable to me since I no longer have my office job and I'm worried about everything in relation to that, but I know that as long as I can stay positive, things will work out. This song is such an emotional track, that I really wish it had become an international success.

This Week's UK New Single, EP & Album Releases 12/06/2020

Every Saturday, I will be listing the new releases of the past week. For years, I have been using various sites to see what new music has been released in a certain week, but there isn't one list that has everything, and I'm always switching back and forth between different sites, and so I hope to create the best list every Saturday, with all the new releases I can find. I have also provided the links for Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon. If any of the links don't work or if there are any new releases I've missed, please let me know in the comments below.