New Release: Sam Callahan - Stitches And Scars

It's been way too long since I last blogged, but I have now returned to blogging, purely because Sam Callahan has released this awesome new music video that has definitely impassioned me. Well, it's not just the music video, it's the absolutely incredible song that is all about getting back up after feeling so low and ready to give up on everything. I've been fighting for my writing career for a number of years now, and I still haven't reached the goal and the dream I've envisioned since I was a kid, and I still feel like I'm a long way away from getting there, but I will continue to push and put in all the hard work that is needed to get me to that moment - because I will get there. That is what I take from this song and music video and that's the whole intention. Watch Sam Callahan walk the streets to the top of a car park where he lights up a purple smoke flare, while scenes of four professionals training in their chosen fields are intercut throughout.

Sam Callahan is a singer-songwriter I have been following ever since he released his debut single "Runaway Train" back in 2012. For those of you who have been reading my blog for years will know that I've reviewed pretty much all his music videos on here. He followed his debut up with "Crazy" before becoming a contestant on the tenth series of The X Factor, where he made it to the live shows and came seventh overall. After the show, he released "Bigger Things", formed a rock band (which split not long afterwards), and released a club track titled "I Love It When You". In 2017, he released the incredible song "Burns Like Fire" and followed that up earlier this year with "Say Something". Today, he has released "Stitches and Scars" and it's his most emotional track to-date whilst taking it back to his roots. The track reminds me of "Runaway Train", only with more emotion and passion - Sam Callahan is still a star in the making and deserves success in all forms, he even wrote this track all by himself. The producer of the song was Jamie Sellers.

Directed by Sam Callahan & Gareth Mangan, the music video is mainly a narrative piece with the occasional performance scene throughout. It is certainly the best music video from Sam Callahan to-date, and I completely believe that. The visual stars professional MMA Fighter, Mike ‘Pretty Boy’ Hales, professional gymnast, Sophie Brace, British MX Championship contender, Tommy Lee Morris, and, world champion minibike racer, Robbie Daly.

The slight performance piece is gentle and basic as we follow Sam Callahan who is walking along the streets with his guitar, which he occasionally plays. We also watch scenes of him performing on stages from festivals to arena concerts. He leads us to a car park, and when he arrives at the top he lets off a purple smoke flare whilst acting confident.

As for the narrative, we watch these four professionals training. Mike 'Pretty Boy' Hales is running along the shoreline before a young kid decides to join him and helps him to work out; this professional MMA fighter can also be seen training up in a gym, similarly, Sophie Brace is also training in a gym - we watch her perform floor gymnastics. As for Tommy Lee Morris and Robbie Daly, we watch them ride their bikes on a track and their preparations beforehand. The ending sees them all achieving the goal they set themselves.

What more can I say about this music video? I've already covered it on CelebMix and Fuzzable, and it is set to be published on Outlet Magazine soon. What we've only just discovered is that Sam Callahan filmed this music video using his iPhone 8+ and he also edited and produced it himself. He put his all not just into the song but into this music video, and it's not a surprise that it is absolutely incredible. This music video is one I won't be forgetting, in years to come, and it just goes to show that hard work really does pay off. This is a masterpiece, and I'm beyond proud to give Sam Callahan his first five stars for one of his music videos! I hope he releases more incredible music videos in the future.
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Chart Mondays: Ramz - Barking

Barking - Ramz |

I've been avoiding this for one for some time as it has always ranked highly in the UK Top 10; however, it's dropping down, and since this is a backdated blog, I do know that it will drop out in a couple of weeks. At the time of this backdated blog, Drake is at number one with "God's Plan" and so that opens up the UK Top 10 to my Chart Mondays review, hence why I chose this. The song has done incredibly well, just missing out on the top position for weeks. It is a catchy song, but it's not my sort of thing, which also explains why I've been avoiding it; I am so far behind on my blog, it is now getting ridiculous, but I'm not one to give up, at all. Watch Ramz spend time with his lover around London as he sings his song after visiting a barber's shop to get his hair done in this music video for "Barking".

Ramz, real name Ramone Rochester, is an English rapper from London, who went to the University of Plymouth to study Sports Development before dropping out to focus on his music career. This track is his official debut single, and what a way to launch in the music world. He has released a few other follow-up singles that haven't managed to chart. This song clearly did go viral, it managed to chart at number two in the UK, number four in Germany, and number eight in Ireland. The main question is whether he can gain another hit, or he could just be a one-hit wonder. "Barking" was written by Ramone Rochester.

The music video starts off with a narrative but includes a prominent performance piece throughout. It was filmed predominantly in Barking, London, and features a wide range of co-stars and extras. His love interest isn't named, as far as I can tell, so if you know who the actress is, feel free to comment her name below.

There's not a lot to this music video to be fair, but it is wholly related to the song. Ramz fully brings it to the performance side of things, expressing a relaxed style whilst nailing it with his energy.

The song is titled "Barking", so of course it is set in Barking, London and this is made clear throughout the video. There's complete relation to the lyrics at times, including his teeth. The opening scene seems unrelatable since his friends peer-pressure him into having a line put into his hair.

The narration seems cute as we see him meeting up with his girl and taking her out on a date. There's nothing else to this music video though, and I can't really fault it, apart from him not really explaining the opening scene, and the narration kind of needs to be fleshed out a little bit more. The music video is now the most-watched video on GRM Daily - the YouTube Channel that the music video was released on.
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Bud Sugar - Vampire

Vampire - Bud Sugar |

I previously wrote this up for CelebMix, and I can't help but love Bud Sugar. They've just got this unique quality to them. There's no other group out in the world who are doing what they are doing and it really allows them to stamp themselves into the music industry. They have also launched their own merchandise, where they're going to print 10 t-shirts, so I highly suggest you get them while you can. They're definitely a rising group you need to keep an eye on, and I can't wait to see what the future brings them. Watch Bud Sugar show off all their energy that they'll no doubt bring to any stage whilst setting fire to a guitar in this blood-red filtered music video for "Vampire".

Bud Sugar are a five-piece British group who have found their own niche genre in music, bringing something totally new to the music industry. They consist of Dylan Elliott, Stan Hill, Live Lans, Rob da Bass, and Bacary Bax. They've been booked for a few festivals this year and I'm sure more is coming up as they start to fully establish their name. They've released two EPs so far, and no doubt another one is coming with the release of this track - which is beyond catchy. Bud Sugar are a group you need to get on board with now before they go viral. "Vampire" was written by Bud Sugar.

Directed by We Made This with additional visuals by Octovision Media, this music video is a low-budgeted performance-based music video. If there's one thing this group has, it is energetic performance vibes. They just have this power that they unleash to every single viewer, listener, and event attendee.

This music video continues to establish this vibe from them. They bring their energy completely, and then also bring their weirdness too including lighting a guitar on fire during a short instrumental ending. Bud Sugar sure know how to bring the unexpected, not just in their music, but in their videos too.

Overall, the song is catchy and the music video relates. They sing about putting their "v's up high" which becomes a concept in the music video and something I can see them getting the audience to participate in when they're on stage. On the other hand, the video quality isn't all that great, with it swapping between video sizes and the red filter is a bit on the over-the-top side; regardless, Bud Sugar's energy makes it work. The words appear throughout, making this half a lyric video, although they're not easy to follow at times.
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Mis-Teeq - Scandalous

Scandalous - Mis-Teeq |

I've had this song stuck in my head all day, so I thought it would be as good as any to review today. This song is practically embedded in UK history and will always end up being played at a party or two; there's just no escaping this song within a year, and you can so see why because this song is still addicting to this day - that's for sure. The song is their biggest hit since it went international, charting at number two in the UK and number 33 in the US. They since parted ways a year or so after the release of this song. Watch Mis-Teeq act sexy in a secret nightclub as a guy stumbles upon it as he runs away through the city streets with some on-point choreography in this music video for "Scandalous".

Mis-Teeq were a three-piece British girl group. They consisted of Alesha Dixon, Su-Elise Nash, and Sabrina Washington; they had a number of hits as a group and released two albums, a US album, and a greatest hits album. They parted ways in 2005 due to their record label declaring bankruptcy, leaving the girls unsure of what path to go down, and so they decided to focus on their solo careers. Alesha Dixon has done the best, she's a household name from being a judge on Britain's Got Talent to winning Strictly Come Dancing; her music career went amazingly after the split, but lately, she hasn't managed to pull in the same chart numbers. Su-Elise Nash was said to be working on an album, after the group split, she provided vocals for Lethal Bizzle's "Going Out Tonight", and has made a variety of television appearances. As for Sabrina Washington, she appeared on the third series of Celebrity Scissorhands, which she won; she next appeared on the ninth series of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! where she came in sixth place; as for her music career, she released a couple of singles and launched her own record label in 2012. Reunion rumours are ripe every single year, but it doesn't look like it will happen. This song was used as the theme of the film Catwoman. It was written by Su-Elise Nash, Alesha Dixon, Sabrina Washington, Tor Erik Hermansen, Mikkel S. Eriksen, and Rustan Hallgeir.

Directed by Jake Nava, this music video definitely brings out the "Scandalous" side of the song, although we need more raunchiness for a song with a title such as this. They need more sass, more fire, more confidence.

It's an addicting piece of music, so I'm glad a nightclub is involved; however, the opening scenes which shows a man running through the urban streets, turning security cameras around and being chased by a dog on a leash, suggests there was a narrative to this that was stripped away.

He ends up in the club and decides to show the girls his body-popping and break dancing. It takes this song to the streets, where this sort of music originated from before it became popular and chart-worthy. In comparison, the girls' choreography is basic and repetitive, there's nothing outstanding with the sequence they pull off, and there's also no momentum to it, the girls just aren't into the dance steps as much as they should be, which makes it come off forced. The street dancing should've taken more of a spotlight.

Overall, this music video is way too basic and uninteresting. I was expecting something scandalous, maybe a bit shocking, but definitely something sexy. Although Mis-Teeq are wearing sultry clothes, there are no male counterparts to throw this into a whole scandalous affair, and the dancing just leaves a lot to be desired - the song totally made me expect a lot more from this visual.
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New Release: Francois Klark - Run

Run - Francois Klark |

Now, I was browsing through the new releases from this backdated day and I was wondering what music video to review. I had a choice between this one and another one titled "Call Ya" by Zāna; I watched this one first and as it got more in-depth I was almost completely decided to review the latter as I didn't feel this was anything amazing or interesting - well, that was until the end appeared and it just stabbed me right in the heart because I've been in a similar situation before. Sorry, Zāna, I didn't even get the chance to view your music video, but I may do one day; I may even review it, but not today. After watching it the second time, I took a key interest in the phone shot at the very beginning as I dismissed it the first time. Watch Francois Klark tell his partner that he's coming home early, only to find him kissing another guy, he then runs away as he can't deal with what he has seen in this music video for "Run".

Francois Klark, real name Francois Clark Mulder, is a South African born Canadian singer-songwriter and producer who is a Universal Music Award winner and a John Lennon Songwriting award winner too. He has been building up his career for some time with this song being his official second single, following "Spaceman". He previously was a contestant on the first season of Idols, the South African version of Pop Idol, under his real name. I look forward to seeing where his career takes him especially since this song resonates easily with me because of my past boyfriends - I now have a boyfriend who I love dearly who I trust completely and who loves me back just as much. This song was written by Francois Clark Mulder and Kibwe Thomas.

Directed by Miguel Barbosa of YEAH!films this music video is a pure narrative visual with a shot or two of Francois Klark singing along to the lyrics. It's a highly passionate song with a music video that fully accompanies it. His partner and love interest, whose character name is Ash, is played by Cianan Francis; and, the guy who was in the hallway was played by Evan Spergel.

The video opens up with Francois Klark messaging his partner that he'll be home earlier than usual. There's a close up of his wedding ring and he's waiting for the subway. On the way home, he hasn't received a reply and the camera really enforces that on to the viewers - we all know what's coming. He arrives home, shocked, drops all his things and starts to run away.

Cleverly, the camera operator doesn't show us what he saw and instead keeps it from the viewers at home. This is completely key as, if you totally skipped over who he was messaging, like I did, you wouldn't realise that this was an LGBTQ+ music video.

He runs all the way to the beach, time to clear his head. He drops his wedding ring to the sandy floor and that's that - he's done with the relationship, and good for him. The camera then reverses all we've seen and goes back to that moment he walked in on his partner kissing another guy - something that wasn't made obvious to the viewers until the very end.

Overall, this music video is completely thought out and really shows that love is love and it can hurt anyone, no matter what form it is in. It's a great way to showing people around the world that a man can love a man, and a woman can love a woman, and everything else in-between. Thank you, Francois Klark for this music video.
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Triana Park - Breathless

Breathless - Triana Park |

I had a hell of a lot of choice for my backdated Thursday Revisit but decided to choose Triana Park as I don't really know when the next time I'll have this opportunity to delve into their older songs and music videos. This is certainly a good excuse, and considering the other artists I have reviewed in the week, I believe I'll certainly get the chance to review their older music videos at some point, whereas I may not get the chance with Triana Park, so I thought that I might as well. This song was a non-album single and is one of their first music videos. Watch Triana Park host a party as they rock out, have fun, and creep us out with money in this music video for "Breathless".

Triana Park has certainly come a long way since the release of this song in terms of their music as a whole. The four-piece band, from Latvia, consists of Agnese Rakovska, Artūrs Strautiņš, Edgars Viļums, and Kristaps Ērglis. They made their name known when they represented their home country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song "Line"; unfortunately, they only got 21 points in their Semi-Final causing them to come 18th, and therefore not qualifying for the Grand Final - I truly believe they were underrated. Previously, they attempted to represent Latvia at Eurovision in national selection shows five times, between 2008 and 2012. This song was a non-album single, released in 2011.

The music video was filmed by Ivars Burtnieks and Sandis Vagners, and was edited by the latter. It's a pure performance visual showing the band having fun and doing what they want.

By the looks of things, they host a party where they seem to get either drunk or high. Some of their actions are beyond shocking and I'm slightly grossed out when the guitarist urinates on some cash notes and then smells them and they start acting like they're rich.

The song doesn't really relate to the track all that much and you all know how I feel about black and white music videos. This is low-budget, not-so-great, but full of high energy (pun not intended). Triana Park sure knows how to perform and this is what makes this watchable, as well as the grossed money urination.

SIDE NOTE: The album artwork below was created by Karlis Stigis and was the planned album from Triana Park, a gorgeous t-shirt design was also created to coincide with the album. Unfortunately, the band decided to go in a different direction after a bunch of singles from this album, and so this was never released - regardless, I so want that t-shirt!
Unreleased album design by Karlis Stigis
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Britney Spears - Sometimes

Sometimes - Britney Spears |

I had no idea what music video to review today, so I thought I might as well continue to review Britney Spears' music videos - one day I'll have them all on my blog, that's for sure. This is such a sweet song and music video, which followed up her massive international number one hit "...Baby One More Time"; and, although it didn't really hit the same peak positions on charts around the world, it still did amazingly with some chart numbers she hasn't really managed to hit in recent years. Watch Britney Spears be the girl next door as she watches a guy she really likes play with his dog on a beach intercut with her dancing with a troupe of backing dancers in this music video for "Sometimes".

Britney Spears is totally one of the biggest female singers in the world, she's had a lengthy career in music that's span over two decades, and she continues to bring hits and addicting songs. She recently had amazing success in Las Vegas where she had a residency that spanned four years. In 2018, she's taking that residency global with her Piece Of Me world tour. She's truly an iconic star, one everyone knows, and she's so genuine too. This song was certainly another hit for her and lead to many amazing hits that followed. It was written by Jörgen Elofsson.

Directed by Nigel Dick - who directed "...Baby One More Time" - the music video has both a narrative side and a performance side. It was shot at the Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. Her love interest is played by model and actor Chad Cole.

The music video opens with Britney Spears looking through a telescope - according to MTV the initial concept was her looking at a group of kids which leads to her having flashbacks of spending time with a former boyfriend; however, this was changed - she watches her love interest, Chad Cole, playing with his dog on the beach.

There's a lot of shots of Britney Spears watching Chad Cole, some may think it's stalkerish, but we've all been there looking and staring and watching someone we've fallen for... Years later, Carly Rae Jepsen does the exact same thing in the "Call Me Maybe" music video.

Throughout, there are scenes of Britney Spears performing killer dance choreography - this is what we constantly expect from Britney Spears and gosh does she nail it in every way! The choreography seems on the fast side, but it certainly goes with the track as a whole, and there are some iconic dance moves that we now identify with this incredible female singer in the chorus sequence.

Overall, Britney Spears gave us another brilliant music video back in the day. What a follow-up to "...Baby One More Time", and we can't help but love this side of her at the start of her career. It brings a bit of nostalgia too watching these older music videos, but I still love Britney Spears, especially her confidence to be sexy in her latest visuals.
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INNA - Me Gusta

Me Gusta - Inna |

We all knew this was going to arrive on my blog at some point. INNA dropped this new single on Valentine's Day, bringing us the much awaited new single and music video. I had originally written this up for CelebMix, as well as the live performance she did of the song before "Ruleta" was released. When this failed to make it on her Nirvana album, many fans wondered if it would ever turn up, so we're all so happy to see it appear - finally. Watch INNA perform her song in Barcelona, taking up the sunshine and bringing summer fashion in the middle of February whilst including her club rocker fans in this music video for "Me Gusta".

INNA, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, is one of the top Romanian female artists in the world. She's had an amazing career to date and continues to make waves all over the world. She pushes herself for every single release, just take this song, for instance. "Me Gusta" is her first song in her more-than-a-decade career that is completely in Spanish. In English, the title translates to "I Like". She proves she really is an international star, and I truly believe she needs a lot more recognition. The song was written by Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, whilst the music was produced by David Ciente.

Directed by Barna Nemethi, the music video is a pure performance visual - something we're getting used to seeing from INNA lately. Most of the scenes are filmed in Barcelona, Spain although there are some studio shots intercut throughout that are from Bucharest, Romania.

The main thing to take from this music video is INNA having a good time, she's definitely one of those stars you'd love to be friends with as she's always smiling and having fun. Not only that, but she shows us summer fashion for 2018, we've had some great fashion videos from her in the past including "Bop Bop" and "Nirvana", so it's great to see something more summery.

Now, let's go into detail about the summer fashion INNA is wearing. We've got this leopard print outfit paired with rainbow-coloured pride platform shoes - something that INNA works completely. We've got the golden-shimmering half-crop top with matching over-sized shorts that are so stunning in every way, it also has oversized sleeves which you can tell INNA adores. There's also the white over-sized fronted jacket that is loose at the back paired with white cowboy boots - just wow! There's another long-length hoodie that's in red; a black bra with shoulder flared piece that's paired with ripped blue jeans and black boots; and, finally, a silver sleeveless, backless crop-top paired with beige tracksuit long-length bottoms. Most outfits are paired with her pride shoes which we all know she simply loves to wear.

INNA loves her oversized clothes, yet that has lead to media stating she's put on weight - yes, I'm talking about that mean article by David Watt for All Noise who said she had put on weight in the "Nirvana" music video; which is flat-out wrong, INNA looks stunning in that music video, and has not put on any weight whatsoever - so this music video shows off her summer body and proves that the media has nothing to body-shame her about.

She clearly loves being in front of the camera and she just has fun with the whole thing. This energy is something she completely brings to the stage, as I know from when I went to see her live in Dublin, Ireland back in December 2016 - gosh do I need to see her again. She rubs this energy off on the extras in the music video, her club rocker fans, who just relax completely in their scenes - they too are bringing summer fashion completely.

Overall, it's another fun performance-based music video from INNA. We are getting used to seeing these sorts of visuals from her. I can't help but hope that we'll get a narrative-based or a full-on choreography-based music video from her in the future - we're waiting.
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Chart Mondays: Drake - God's Plan

God's Plan - Drake |

Please remember this blog has been backdated to 19 February 2018; so imagine how happy I am to finally review this music video because Drake's "God's Plan" has been number one for a few weeks without a music video, but he finally dropped one on 16 February 2018, which subsequently makes me review it the following Monday (the backdated Monday), as it is number one on the UK Chart for this backdated date - gosh I need to catch up on my blog asap so I don't have to try to explain this every single time. This is one of the most inspiring music videos but it isn't unique as it has been done a few times before, most notably by Blink-182 for their song "The Rock Show". Watch Drake take the budget for his music video and spend that money by giving it to people in need so that they can follow their dreams and feel supported in this music video for "God's Plan".

Drake, real name Aubrey Drake Graham, is a Canadian rapper who is most definitely one of the biggest male artists in the whole world at this very moment. Every single track he releases ends up being a hit. He is currently working on his fifth studio album which he is just finishing up. This single is taken from his EP Scary Hours but I reckon it'll be included in his new album since it has been such a hit. The song has charted at number one in various countries all around the world, further allowing Drake to prove that he's one of the most popular rappers around and that he's on top form. "God's Plan" was written by Aubrey Graham, Ronald LaTour, Daveon Jackson, Matthew Samuels, and Noah Shebib.

Directed by Karena Evans, the music video sees Drake give away the music video's budget to various people and businesses. The budget was a total of $996,631.90 and the video was filmed in Miami. It has received a lot of comparisons to Blink-182's "The Rock Show" as they too did a similar thing. I believe this concept has been done a few times over, so it's nothing new.

Unlike Blink-182, Drake decides to actually donate the money rather than have fun and smash things up. We see him pay for strangers' groceries in a supermarket, give away a car to a teenager, present cash bundles for families who are struggling; as well as hand out a tonne of toys to kids and donate money to various institutions including the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, the Lotus Home Women's Shelter and the City of Miami Fire Department.

Releasing a teaser on Instagram, Drake stated that the video was: "The most important thing I have ever done in my career." The ending scene of the music video shows a conversation with a young man, Drake tells him: "We're nothing without our mothers. Gotta make sure you take care of your mom, too, no matter what you do. It's all we got. Trust me. That's my world." That hit me right in the heart and made me tear up a little bit.

Overall, this music video depicts Drake in a very genuine light. He's down to earth and clearly wants to give back to his fans, the community, the people, and the world. There are many celebrities that are just as kind as Drake shows himself to be. On the other hand, the concept isn't anything new, and only partly relates to the lyrics of the song.
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Girls Aloud - Long Hot Summer

Long Hot Summer - Girls Aloud |

I've had this song stuck in my head all day today, so with lack of anything else to choose from, I decided to review this music video. I kind of remember seeing this, Girls Aloud are certainly serving mechanic sexiness in every way when it comes to this music video - although to be fair, apparently it's 95 degrees in the shade, according to the song. Upon it's release in 2005, the song became the group's worst chart hit at number seven in the UK, a couple of singles later "See The Day" managed to peak even lower at number nine. Watch Girls Aloud dressed as mechanics before stripping off into something a lot more sexy as they work in a garage in this music video for "Long Hot Summer".

Girls Aloud were a five-piece girl group that were formed on Popstars: The Rivals which saw a girl group and a boy band formed by the public and then go head-to-head to hit number one on the charts. They consisted of Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, and Sarah Harding. They beat the boy band to number one (the boy band were called One True Voice), and later became one of the most successful British girl groups. They are all now pursuing solo careers, with Cheryl being the only one who has consistent success; although, Nicola Roberts has had moderate success with her debut album, and so has Nadine Coyle, the latter of which has released a new EP and is promoting her new music. This song is perhaps a bit before it's time since it easily gets stuck in my head nowadays. "Long Hot Summer" was written by Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins, Tim "Rolf" Larcombe, Shawn Lee, Lisa Cowling, Giselle Sommerville, and Myra Boyle. The song was intended for the soundtrack to Herbie: Fully Loaded, but the plans fell through.

The music video was directed by Max & Dania. It clearly was influence by the 2005 Disney film Herbie: Fully Loaded, even though the song wasn't included in the soundtrack. It is set in a garage with all five members of the girl group acting as mechanics.

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, the outfits are fine when they're acting as mechanics but they sexify it up a little too much when they remove their overalls. Regardless, Girls Aloud do look a bit on the sweaty side, allowing us to imagine how melting-hot they are - relating to the song perfectly. Cheryl looks beyond awkward lifting up that tyre.

The most disappointing aspect of the video is the collective dancing. Clearly the choreography wasn't all that good, and even though the girls do their best with what they're given, it still doesn't come off all that well. Overall the song is a shambles but the music video makes up for it to some extent, but it's just not good enough. The song is more of an addictive throwback track.
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