New Found Glory - My Friends Over You

July 17, 2011 Critic Jonni 2 Comments

When I chose to do a review on this music video, I hadn't realised that I had seen it before on the music channels. I chose it simply at random knowing that it was older than 2007, and was the highest charting song New Found Glory has ever played. It managed to get to No. 30, which, I have to say, is pretty good for a rock band, and I believe that was thanks to the music video rather than the actual song, and even though a lot of people can relate to the song, I really don't think that they managed to sell enough records based on the song. It was pretty rare for a rock band to make it into the UK Top 40, there were a few bands managing from Evanescence to My Chemical Romance, but it really was rare to see a rock band inside the top 40, but with the amount of rock bands out now who are easily managing this, it'll be quite the battle to attempt to get inside the top 10.

This is my second New Found Glory music video review, so some things I say will be similar.
New Found Glory is a 5-piece American rock band, who have released a number of singles, and a number of albums all of which haven't done that well on the chart compared to Paramore and other well-known American rock bands. The band consists of Jordan Pundik, Chad Gilbert, Steve Klein, Ian Grushka and Cyrus Bolooki. who all appear in this music video. They have a new album on it's way out, and I really hope the music channels take to whatever song they release, as they have been going for quite a few years now and have yet to have a major hit, so I'm really hoping that soon they will gather the success they clearly deserve.

This song is called "My Friends Over You". It was their first single to be released from their second album "Sticks and Stones" and third single overall. The song is about being with a girl, but once they find out about their personality they aren't interested hence the start of the chorus: "You were everything I wanted, but I just can't finish what I started". Also they seem to be only interested in the girl's looks, this is proved in the lyrics by: "I'm drunk off your kiss, for another night in a row" and "Please tell me everything, that you think that I should know". This girl is nothing compared to his mates, and that he likes his mates because of their personalities, whereas he only likes this girl because of her looks. There is a lot that could be done with this video, but did they do it right?

This video I have seen quite a few times, however personally it's not that memorable, if you would have shown this to me about 6 months ago with the band name blurred out, I would definitely not have a clue who this was, and that sounds really bad since I went to the Paramore concert back in 2008 with my cousin Tink09 and a friend Hollagram Star, and this band was one of the support acts, which seems weird since New Found Glory has been going for well over a decade, whereas Paramore has only been going for about half the time.

I really do think this is a unique idea and how his friends have their own weird problems, from frantic legs to bloating heads, from a very fast guitar solo to freaky hairy legs. He would still prefer his friends over her. Furthermore, there is a lot to laugh about in this music video, lots of little funny jokes, from "typical video girls" who are attacked by a blow-up caterpillar who are then replaced by three guys "look at us" who are attacked by a cute, blue, blow-up dolphin; to the Gothic choir singing that is an instrumental about a third of the way through, which is so dreadfully weird it is amazingly funny.

This is another video where it's spot the famous faces, according to Wikipedia you can find 4 famous faces, who are the three people from the "Transplants" (Travis Barker (from Blink-182 and +44), Tim Armstrong (from Rancid) & Rob Aston) and also Brody Dalle (From The Distillers), all of which I don't really know, if you showed me a picture I'd probably recognise each of them, but I have no clue where they are in the music video, although I recon they are the most obvious and probably have a 3 - 5 second clip each, so if you know who they are please tell me where they are hidden, or not hidden.

Overall I really like this music video, it gives an essence of what the band is like on stage, but also suggests a uniqueness that some bands are unable to capture. This music video is pretty out of the ordinary, however it is very easy to forget who the band is, if you haven't seen the music video in a while. Also they could have done a lot more, such as including a love interest for a member of the band, presumably Jordan since he is singing the song. But maybe they had already stretched their budget too far. I'm looking forward for new releases from these guys, and I really hope they manage to do really well with whatever single they choose to release next.


  1. Randomly came across your page here because I was looking for Brody Dalle. At about 1:09 in the video, it shows a close up of a group of people. the girl in a pink bandana is Brody Dalle. I assume that the guy with the arm around her is her then husband,Tim Armstrong. Don't know who the guy is behind him but the guy at the end is Travis Barker of Blink 182. Just thought I'd let you know.