Michael Eddy - small towns

February 07, 2023 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This light-hearted anthemic track, titled "small towns", really makes an impact as Michael Eddy completely shines from start to finish. His voice is soft and sweet giving the perfect teen heartthrob that we all have in our lives over the decades and generations. Michael Eddy's songwriting ability completely plays out as we hear about a girl he fell for and how she changed him into being someone worthy of her love but also allowed him to become a better version of himself. 

"small towns" focuses on the fact that Michael Eddy and his love interest are from a small town and so he's grateful for that as he may never have found her. This is the debut single from the singer, songwriter, actor, multi-instrumentalist, and dancer, who worked with acclaimed producer Michael Orland who is best known for being a mentor, vocalist, trainer, and pianist on the TV show American Idol.

The music video has a cartoon production vibe to it and has been shot, directed, and edited by Typo at the Apogee Studios. We first watch Michael Eddy on the side of a stage with his guitar over him as he kickstarts the song with guitar chords and vocals, he later stands up on the stage and starts to perform with a bandmate on keys and backing vocals, and Michael Eddy also jumps onto the drums. The next lot of scenes are him recording the song at a studio and we watch as he produces, lays down some vocals and plays his guitar. The entire thing sees him transition from reality to the cartoon version of himself and his bandmate as well as the stage and the recording studio. The animation flows through various styles and conceptual art that infuses a variety of styles giving you different perspectives. Every time you pause the video you get something new from American animation to Japanese anime to overly CGI art.