Daisy Dares You Featuring Chipmunk - Number One Enemy

23 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I was happy when this song came up on the music channels this morning, I hadn't heard it in a while, and I remember buying the song off iTunes to try and help her get a good charting position. I really do like this song, and I'm surprised she was only 16 when this song got released, and she has such a great voice, that makes me want to watch her live.

Daisy Dares You's real name is Daisy Coburn. She takes her star name from the 1990s British television show: ZZZap! She is the same age as me, only I was born in January whereas she was born in November (so I'm older). But I think it shows how mature she is inside. No way could I go out and become a pop singer (even if I could sing). And I think this is the reason why I like her, because she's very strong willed. She knows what she wants and she'll go up there and take it. She has recently disappeared for the time being, with rumours that she's hitting a modeling career while her recording contract is being dealt with. She was first signed to Jive records and RCA records however, RCA is disbanding Jive records, amongst other record labels, and although all artists on these disbanding record labels have been promised that their contracts are secure and will be able to release music, I'm already wondering how long it's going to be before we hear from her.

This song is extremely catchy, I'm not sure what I made of it this morning, I was happy it was on, but I thought she seemed a little shouty, however the song got stuck in my heard, and I just listened to it again, and I just think she's finding her own way, rather than being shouty. "Number One Enemy" was written by Daisy Coburn, Matthew Marston and Chipmunk. I like the fact that her first ever single was written by herself, it just proves how devoted she is to music. The fact that she also collaborated with Chipmunk on her first ever single definitely shows how much of a star she is going to become because Chipmunk is very well-known now (but even back then he was known). Chipmunk's real name is Jahmaal Fyffe. The song is all about disagreements with her sister, which explains a lot about the lyrics of the song, I also like the fact that Chipmunk raps: "Scarlett! She ain't your enemy", I presume Scarlett is her sister...

I really like this music video, although I am not entirely sure of what the link is to the song... I like the fact that it's about Alice in Wonderland, and not long after this song was released the new film was released, it's a shame this song didn't appear on it's soundtrack, but to be honest there wasn't a link with the song at all.

I like the house, and the drink me potion, I also like the mad hatter's table, and I presume Chipmunk is meant to be the mad hatter since he picks up the top hat. I find the cup cake bit really funny along with the pig as well, and the coloured sheep, it looks like a complete fairy tale.

Overall, I really like this song, and it's chorus is amazing, but the music video doesn't link in at all and I don't really know why that idea was chosen. There is also little to say about the music video because there isn't a lot going on except for the Alic in Wonderland theme.