Bad Meets Evil Featuring Supa Dubs, JG and Pyper - Fast Lane

07 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Bad Meets Evil is a hip hop band consisting of Royce da 5'9'' (real name Ryan Montgomery) and Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers III). They formed in 1998, where they were introduced to one another. They released two singles before splitting due to Eminem reforming with his childhood band: D12. There was conflict between D12 and Royce da 5'9'', they went as far as hitting out at one another through their own release material. However they both had a mutual friend, the now late rapper, "Proof". Who was trying to get Bad Meets Evil back together. Soon after his death, D12 and Royce da 5'9'' settled their differences and have even collaborated together a few times. Now Bad Meets Evil are back and they are gaining quite high chart positions.

The song was written by a number of people... Here are the writing credits Marshall Mathers (Eminem), Ryan Montgomery (Royce da 5'9''), Luis Resto, Sly Jordan (Pyper), Dwayne Chin-Quee (Supa Dubs) and Jason Gilbert (JG). Pyper sings the chorus of the song, with additional vocals from Supa Dubs and JG. Eminem and Royce da 5'9'' sing the verses. The song is a big collaborative effort, and the people involved were happy to have taken part in the project. I'm not into hip hop/rap music, I can appreciate it but I wouldn't personally listen to it on a regular basis, however on the other hand CamCam is obsessed with this genre at the moment, and clearly can't get enough. I received a suggestion to write a review for this music video, which makes me think that Cam Cam was the one to post the suggestion...

The music video is pretty good, I was a little nervous to watch it as this is not my sort of music, but I am aware of the song, and have heard it numerous times on the radio. To be honest I am happy someone suggested it, as I very much doubt I would have seen this music video otherwise.

There isn't much narrative going on, and one may say it's all performance, however the animated objects give us some storyline. To be honest you would expect something like this in a low-budget music video, however we know that this couldn't possibly be the case, and so therefore it shows originality and links in with the song accurately.

Aside from the animation there are also memorable lyrics shown as they rap. Personally I think there's too many words, and you end up reading them instead of keeping your eyes on the rappers, however there isn't a lot going on, and I think they had to choose between another animation and some of the lyrics. These lyrics manage to show that this is a rap music video, you can tell this if there wasn't any music playing as it is quite common in hip hop music videos.

Overall I have to admit that this music video isn't too bad, I'm just not a fan of the song, however the song is catchy and identifiable as "Bad Meets Evil", you certainly wouldn't mistake it for anything else. I'm surprised it only got to number 66 on the UK chart, but it'll be interesting what songs they are going to release in the future.