Stone Sour - Through Glass

April 04, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So today my randomiser chose SpeedATW and he has chosen this music video, which I was so happy about, since this is probably one of my favourite music videos.

Stone Sour is a rock band that consists of Corey Taylor (also lead singer of Slipknot), Jim Root, Josh Rand, Shawn Economaki and Roy Mayorga. They have been going for a number of years, and tend to go on hiatus when Slipknot starts releasing and vice versa. Therefore I'd be unsurprised if the other members of the band do different things during the hiatus times.

"Through Glass" was written by Corey Taylor. This got to number 98 when the song was released here in the UK, but I bet it would have done a lot better. And I guarantee it would be great for the charts if it was released nowadays, or some sort of cover got released. Most people know the song now, and people would've expected it to have got high on the chart, but that wasn't the case. The song is about music cornering the world. Corey wrote this song in a hotel room while watching a music channel, and he was surprised that the artists weren't aware of what they were singing, and that they were just there to be famous. It kind of made him mad, as it makes it harder for bands and people who make their own music.

The music video should go down in history as one of the best music videos ever made. It's really interesting and funny and clever at the same time, it relates to the song perfectly and it just shows that a lot of things in life aren't really real. But the main thing they focus on is that the people there, if you look between the lines, it's not them. Which works with the song as the singles that are released by some artists aren't their lyrics.

This is an extremely clever video and I don't even know where to start with it. It's both performance and narrative. I like the start there's a party going on and everyone is there. There is even a paparazzi who is taking photos, to capture the moment. But when Corey Taylor looks between the lines people are just cardboard, they aren't real, even the pool isn't real and none of the layout either.

I like how they've included look-a-likes of people and made references to others. There's a Paris Hilton look-a-like who's just cardboard. There's some rap people, a rich singer, a few others. And there is Chris Daughtry, who is the guy picking up the cardboard. I like how some of the comments on YouTube state that Chris Daughtry is the only guy in the world capable of picking up a swimming pool. For those unaware, Chris Daughtry is of American Idol fame.

Even the place where the band is, isn't real. And I also like the fact that instead of Hollywood, it's actually Hollowood (implicating Hollow Wood, which is cardboard). There is a lot to like about this music video, and I don't see anything wrong with it. Maybe the fact that some of the stars that are referenced in this may not agree with what is going on, but that is about it.

Overall, a great music video that I haven't got anything bad to say about. The song is very catchy and I am surprised it never got higher than 98 on the UK chart. Let's hope someone covers it on the X Factor or The Voice, it might make people download it.