Evarose - Best Left Alone

11 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Evarose is a band I've recently started following. They plan to put a new riff into the whole world of rock music by being an all female rock band, and they are quickly becoming more and more known. They consist of Dannika Webber, Imogen Leslie, Connie Raitt and Robyn Griffith. I have only seen their music video for "Cough It Up", and I reviewed it on this blog, I found it surprising, but will their other music videos do the same or leave me wanting more?

I have to admit, on first play, you can believe they haven't really got much to themselves, it's not powerful and not as catchy as their other songs. But once it finishes and you wait a few seconds, you realise you've already clicked the replay button. It's one of those sneaky songs that you don't think you will enjoy and you aren't sure if you do after one play but then you realise it's stuck in your head anyway so you might as well keep on playing it. These girls are good and infectious and I believe it won't be long before chart success comes knocking at their doors.

The music video, in comparison to Cough It Up, is not surprising at all, and doesn't have an ending that leaves you shocked. But at the end of the day, they can't do that with every music video, otherwise it becomes repetitive. This one is simple and basic, with not a lot going on.

This music video looks like your typical third or fourth single that would be released, it doesn't have a lot going for it, but you can see the emotional side of everything that's happening, but I wouldn't stop to watch unless there is nothing better on.

Evarose is a brilliant band, but this music video is missing something, it's plain but emotive, it's good and then it's not, I like the forest aspect and the fact that Dannika is alone and it looks like she's probably found something out and she's angry and upset, which is where the "throwing the stones in the water" comes from, and sitting down by the water. But we don't really know why she's doing that, which could also suggest some blanks we're supposed to fill in.

I like this band, they're new, upcoming and exciting, but after a brilliant music video "Cough It Up", this one lacks in comparison. However it is emotive and drawing, and we want to know more but in a good way. I have mixed feelings about this one, but it's good, however there could have been more to it.