Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says

15 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Selena Gomez & The Scene have recently gone on hiatus, however reports have suggested that Selena Gomez has been visiting the studio, could it be possible they're working on a new album? Or is it her way of messing about, something she enjoys to do in her part time? Selena Gomez & The Scene is a band that consists of Selena Gomez, Greg Garman, Joey Clement, Ethan Roberts and Dane Forrest. I tend to take a dislike to bands who uses a celebrity's name to make their band more successful. If they had just had a normal band name (like The Pretty Reckless), would it have made a difference? I find it doubtful, but it's hard to know really. They haven't been much of a success in the UK, or anywhere else. They have yet to have a number one, which is quite surprising, but then again some of the songs are to some preference of others. They're not your average band, therefore making them quite quirky, which makes me like them more.

"Who Says" was written by Emanuel Kiriakou and Priscilla Renea, the former has worked with a lot of celebrities on albums. But the latter has wrote for Cheryl Cole amongst others, Priscilla is also an artist herself and has already released an album with a second one on it's way. The song looks very personal to Selena, and she sings it as if she means every word. It's about not letting others knock you down. Everyone's perfect no matter what. It kind of reminds me of Pink's "Perfect".

The music video is different to what is actually about. It stands out and is definitely not your usual music video. Which I've come to expect from this band.

I like all the editing that has gone on, making signs say "don't judge a book by it's cover" and various other words, including lyrics found in the song. It's extremely clever. I also like how you see "The Scene" as some times it's rare to see the whole band.

However, there isn't a narrative storyline. And I feel that a song like this should have a narrative, to emphasise what they are trying to get across. However I still feel this gets the meaning across, but only slightly. I think the fact that there isn't a narrative, leaves this music video lacking something.

Overall, a great personal song, and a good accompanying music video, however there's just not enough going on, and it doesn't make me think WOW. However I do really like it, and I do hope this band returns in a few years with some amazing songs.