New Release: Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me

06 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So new this week is a new artist called Chris Malinchak, and with this glorious sunshine, it's obvious this is going to be a hit, however if it wasn't so hot and summery then this wouldn't have done well at all. There isn't much on the internet about Chris Malinchak. His twitter feed is used now and again, and information about him is hard to find. I'm sure a Wikipedia page will pop up after this song has charted, so I'm interested in how much is known about him. All I know is that he's American, and has previewed a few songs on his Soundcloud. The song is the perfect summer relaxer (yeah I did just make up that word).  It's not a summer anthem it's a summer relaxer, one to listen to as you are sunbathing or relaxing in the sun.

The music video continues the relaxing element from the song. A cute little girl loses one of the tallest animals in the world, a pet giraffe! And goes looking for it, then it sneaks up on her and they play hide and seek and have fun.

The girl is adorable, and the story line is a little too simple for my liking, but I can't help but appreciate it for its relaxing quality and the summer sunshine spirit.

Overall a summer relaxer song that will have everyone listening to it in the sun. The music video has next to no substance to it, but it relates to the song, and is a video I would watch while relaxing. The only fault is that it needed a bit more to it, maybe scenes of when she first got the pet giraffe.