P!nk - Who Knew

25 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Now this is the P!nk I adored. I loved all her albums, however her most recent "The Truth About Love" put me completely off P!nk, I still love her old songs, but "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)", "Try", "Just Give Me A Reason" and "True Love" had me removing her songs from my iTunes, and the only times I hear P!nk now is on the radio or through YouTube. It's mind blowing how one album can change your whole listening habits.

A funfair video with a narrative and performance piece, what is not to like about this video though?

P!nk, real name Alecia Moore, has had none stop success and I used to be a fan of her right up to her most recent album. I hope that she returns to her old sound, or at least something better than her previous album. "Who Knew" was written by P!nk, Max Martin and Dr. Luke. A perfect song writing team, and no wonder this was a hit. The song is about a friend P!nk lost to drugs when she was just 14. This song is so powerful and her emotion in the song comes across. The song came to my attention this week as it was played on the radio, and it just explained my life as I'm back to single life, another week and a half relationship gone by. If it's meant to be, he'll come back to me. If not, someone else will surely come into my life.

The video does the song's meaning justice. A lot is compacted in this short three and a half minutes, it's surprising it all fitted in.

The narrative is emotional. A couple is clearly in a new relationship, yet the funfair shots suggests they've been together much longer. The girl is clearly more into the guy, than what he is into her. Although he is secretly injecting drugs into himself without her knowing. She finds him in a drugged state at the end, and she walks away from the relationship. (If anyone know the actors names, please comment below).

Let's be honest, if we all had the chance to, we'd go and see P!nk live. We all know that she is an amazing performer. And her passion in the words she sings are clear during the video footage. She has a presence that we'll all love to see on a stage in front of us.

The video is perfect in every way, with a developed storyline and a good performance piece. It contains a funfair and has good subliminal messages. This is the P!nk we all miss, the one we'd like to see return.
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