Checking Pulse - Aimeé

14 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Here's another new band for you lot to check out. I have only just recently become obsessed with this band, and I'm sure they will get a lot more fans the more people who listen to them. There is no band I can think of that is at all like them. Some of my friends have said that the line-up is pretty similar and possibly a younger version of The Pretty Reckless, but the comparisons go out of the window after listening to this awesome track. They are really unique and there is definitely a place on the chart for these guys. If they gain enough popularity, which I can definitely see happening, since music channels like Scuzz and Lava TV are obsessed with playing this music video, then this band will definitely achieve UK success and hopefully worldwide, but let's take one step at a time, right? I first saw this music video on Lava TV (which is now called "Greatest Hits TV", but they still have a show for Lava called: "Lava Showcase" which promotes new songs from bands along with unsigned bands), and had the song stuck in my head. Today, it's been in my head again, the song is so catchy that I'd be surprised if there is someone out there that doesn't get it stuck in their head.

Checking Pulse is a 4-piece electro pop/rock band comprising of Emily Wilson, Adam Hughes, Henry Hopkins and Chris Ridgers. They describe their sound as a mixture of Paramore, You Me At Six, Lady Gaga and Forever the Sickest Kids, which I have to admit is quite a mixture, and definitely suggests they are unique in their music, in my opinion. I can definitely see this band becoming really big, they could be the UK's answer to Paramore, if they get enough popularity, which I'm sure they will sometime soon.

I love this song, it's so catchy as you probably know, and it has just a perfect meaningful story that people can relate to. I really like Emily's voice it is really nice to listen to and I'm definitely going to buy all their singles and CD's as they are soon to be the next big thing (I hope). I like the chorus as well with the rhymes at the end such as "Her make-up is running down her face, so wasted she won't give up the chase", they are simple yet really effective, and I can't stop clicking the repeat button, as I'm loving this song! The song is about this girl called Aimeé, who is best friends with Emily, only Emily has seen behind "all her lies" and behind "her pretty eyes", and has decided to break up the friendship between them.

The music video is perfect, it relates well with the meaning of the song, and although it isn't exact, it doesn't need to be, they show everything they need to and also shows Checking Pulse performing on a stage which shows what they are like live which is always good. According to their website, many people who have seen them have expressed views saying that they are a hell of a lot better live than on the CD, which is such a great comment, and I'm eager to see them live.

On YouTube they have amassed 4,000 hits so far for this music video, which isn't too bad since some bands get less than that. However I hope this number goes way up as they definitely deserve it. Checking Pulse has mentioned that the girl who plays Aimeé is a model, however I really think Emily shines out at you and is prettier than the girl who plays Aimeé, sorry.

The storyline is amazing and is definitely interesting. I like trying to spot where all the band members are, they appear in certain clips in the background, which is fascinating as it shows a true representation of a house-party, that isn't out of control. I like the ending it works fine, but I do think it would have been that little bit better if you saw Aimeé crying at the end, as it would link perfectly with "her make-up is running down her face". However not everything can be perfect, and I also believe I'll be playing this song again and again and again, and I am really looking forward for this band to get success as they clearly deserve it, and they have totally captured me in their perfect essence of music, there is definitely a place for them in music.

Overall, without being biased, I have to give this video this rating, because it's fun to watch, it's well-thought through, I really am obsessed with the song, and everything works out nicely, especially the picture at the end, which explains a lot. I like the band being on stage, they seem very up-lifting and I'm on the look-out for when they tour, so hopefully I can catch them. For those of you who are now interested in this band (and I hope you are) here's the Checking Pulse website: and those of you who want the CD, go to the store and order it, which is exactly what I'm going to do now.