Basshunter Featuring DJ Mental Theo's Bazzheadz - Now You're Gone

October 15, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I will always be a fan of Basshunter, he showed me what dance music was all about and introduced me to this whole new genre that I'm currently obsessed with. I will have to admit I am going to try my very best not to be biased at all, and I know it's going to be extremely difficult but I will try. Basshunter, real name Jonas Altburg, is a big hit here in the UK, but also a big hit in his own country Sweden, who are definitely in competition with Romania with the amount of dance artists they are releasing, we've had September and Swedish House Mafia I wonder who is next? Basshunter was the first artist on the Hard2beat (also known as Dance Nation) record label. This song was the first UK release and it went straight to number one. Since then top ten has been quite far off, so he entered Celebrity Big Brother and came fourth over all, with Alex Reid winning. Now he is ready for a comeback, and I so hope he has a number one in store as I will back him no matter what.

This song went straight to number one back in 2007, and is the first in a long line of music videos that is continuous, but more about the music video later. The song was originally called "Boten Anna" which is the Swedish version. Although the song lyrics are not direct translation, people refer to this as the English adaptation. "Boten Anna" was first remixed as a DJ set for DJ Mental Theo, it was this beat and mix that was used to create Now You're Gone. The song was written by Basshunter/Jonas Altburg, which then allows him to show his emotions and life experiences, which is exactly what the public wants, and I really admire those who do such a thing. Boten Anna is actually about when someone signed up on his website and he thought she was a computer bot administrator, later he found out that Anna was his girlfriend's best friend, and he was so embarrassed that he wrote this song. Now You're Gone, is about a couple breaking up and the love between them was surprisingly strong. I love this song and it gets stuck in my head whenever I hear it.

I really like the music video, and the whole idea that one leads off to another and then another is extremely intriguing. The most recent video was "I Promise Myself" and I really hope that Basshunter's future videos carry on the narrative storyline, as I know it's what sets these videos out from the crowd. This one was really good, the break-up starts at the very beginning with Aylar Lie and Lucas Thorheim, and then they both decide to go out clubbing with their friends, and they end up being in the same club together and then they text each other to meet on the dance floor, and then they kiss. It suggests that second chances can be made.

Some people have said that they think it is wrong that they get back together in the music video, but I think it's right because the song does say "I realise my love for you was strong", therefore if it's strong love they deserve to be together right? Others have said why they end up in the same club? I kind of understand where they are coming from, but if you're in a social group of people with your girlfriend, you'll end up having a certain favourite club you would go to, if you and your partner broke up and then your friends asked you for a night out to cheer you up, you would totally expect them to go to your favourite club, and so it's purely a coincidence they were both there. People are seriously looking too much into this music video.

Aylar Lie, plays Aylar (the lead girl) in this music video. Aylar Lie has a dodgy past, appearing in pornography to try and make her fame. She grabbed the attention of Basshunter's directors and producers and she has definitely now made her fame due to these music videos. I just hope that her new stardom hasn't affected her appearances in Basshunter's music videos because otherwise I can see Basshunter failing here in the UK. Aylar recently appeared as a celebrity on Skal Vi Danse which is the Norwegian version of Strictly Come Dancing. The media ended up releasing reports on her past life, and she showed sadness to this as she wants to wipe the slate clean, she did what she did because there was a crisis in her personal life. She wants to be known for something else, and she's tired of the past being brought up. Recently she has set out to release a singing career, she collaborated with Ocean Drive to create "Some People" that unfortunately didn't make the UK chart. She is signed to Hard2Beat/Dance Nation just like Basshunter is.

Overall I really like this song and it's music video is really good, it relates to the song pretty well and it's the start of a very long storyline that could stretch for forever if Basshunter and his team wants it to, and I'm sure all of his fans are expecting another music video to follow after the shock cliff-hanger at the end of "I Promised Myself". I hope you think I'm not being biased with my rating, and I think it definitely deserves this rating.
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