Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending

November 18, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Avril Lavigne has always been a big part of my life especially when I was growing up. She was very much a rocker back then and now she's gone more mainstream pop, with a lot of ballads on her new album. This was probably one of my favourite songs by her because she connected really well with the song, and it is really emotional and you can really tell that.

The song was written by Avril Lavigne and Butch Walker. Butch is an American singer, who have released a number of albums and singles, with quite a few chart numbers, but he is more known amongst artists as a producer and writer, and he has helped Avril Lavigne a lot with all of her albums so far.

This song is about heart-break and the reason why the guy broke up with her, because she thought everything was going strong. She performs this song amazingly and the music video works really well.

I like the narrative of the music video, but to be honest who is that guy she is supposed to be going out with? Isn't he too old for her? I like the start where she walks into the cinema and the film they screen is her past memories, it shows that she's thinking about it and giving it a lot of thought.

The use of colour is pretty good, in the happy scenes at the start it is in full colour, but as the relationship takes a turn for the worse the picture suddenly loses colour gradually leaving it top suggest that the relationship has gone sour and cold.

I really like the ending and how she comes out with some of her friends, which shows she's been talking to them and they are going to go out and have some fun. So is the ending really happy ending? I like that idea and how at the end of the day the break-up could be for the best, and so although it isn't the happy ending Avril wanted, it's still a happy ending.

Overall I like this music video, but there really isn't a lot to talk about is there? There isn't enough going on and that is why I had to drop off a star. However the song is amazing and I like how the narrative is the main part of the story.