Freefaller - Do This! Do That!

November 29, 2011 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

Freefaller is a band that received big success here in the UK, but they weren't around for long and subsequently split. The band consisted of David "Ollie" Oliver (who was in the band Point Blank, and also acted in Byker Grove), Dean Roberts, Gary Mahon and Rich Joy. They were definitely one of the first bands that introduced me to this pop/rock music and the music video is pretty good. No rumours have surfaced that they will be reforming, and I doubt they ever would, but we can always hope can't we? Personally I think this sort of music is doing pretty well in the charts at the moment, and I think if they were to return, they'll do well.

The music video fits in with this song amazingly. The song is about someone telling them what to do, personally I think it's a parent telling them how they should live their life, however it could easily be an older brother, or even a friend. It's all about living your life the way you want to. And this is exactly what Freefaller does in this video.

This music video is all about FUN! It's all the video is based on taking part in  a house party. We start off in a park where Ollie is playing basketball (but he's way too interested in the camera, which sort of annoys me), and he's walking home. We are only given an instrumental at the start before the lyrics kick in. There's a stage they perform on and a food fight just starts, and they get covered in lots of food. I love the policeman, I like how it's the old style cop rather than what the cops look like nowadays, which suggests that maybe this video went to different countries and tried to perceive what others may think of the UK.

There is not a lot going on, I bet the clean up after the house party was a nightmare. And there really isn't a lot to comment on. Ollie's voice is amazing and is definitely suited to these sort of songs. So I do hope they return sometime.

Overall, I love the song, it's kind of teenager rebellion sort of thing which probably is the reason why the song charted at number 8 in the UK. The music video fits in nicely and reminds me of a lot of other rock band's music videos. Let's just hope they reform sometime.

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