Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008

14 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This song is created by Guru Josh Project, I have to say it is extremely catchy and although I wasn't necessarily into this sort of music when the song was released, I bought the single, loving the song. I must have watched the music video quite a few times on the music channels, purely because I liked the song...

The band consists of Paul Walden (A.K.A. Guru Josh), Anders Nyman and Darren Bailie. They didn't last long, and only released two singles, this one being their most well known one. The song is a remixed version from Guru Josh's single "Infinity" which is also referred to as "Infinity (1990s... Time For The Guru". It was a club classic and still appears on compilation albums to this date. The re-worked version pushed the original back into well known status and has once again became a massive hit for Guru Josh. This remixed version uses DJ Klaas' mixed beats, as the single of the song. The song was written by Paul Walden, and is definitely one of the club classics that will still be heard of in about 10 years time, maybe even more. I have to admit, I don't understand what the lyrics mean, there's just nothing that good behind them, all I can get is that if you get with Guru Josh "you will find Infinity", which suggests a night of your life? Or maybe just a hell of a lot of fun, which is what this song is all about especially when played in the clubs.

Now the music video isn't necessarily the best, and there are a lot of problems I have with it and I sure you do too. But the main thing about it is that it doesn't really link in with the song, I don't see that anywhere, if she's getting the night of her life from Guru Josh, why couldn't they have shown that message better? I don't get it at all, and sometimes without a link, it could make it a good music video (as I have mentioned in the past), but in this case, it looked more like they just made a video for the sake of it, and personally I would have preferred just seeing everyone dancing at that live performance.

Right, let's start off with the good thing about this, and then I'll come back to the bad bits. First up is the use of the TV, although it is blurry and distorts the picture amongst other things. It is a really good technique, and it makes you think you are watching the same thing as the girl is and so that you become connected to her (until she starts to take her clothes off and then you question why she is getting excited about this piece of TV footage, maybe it was the saxophone player?

Okay so.... Why on earth would you go into an abandoned house, for one thing? The next thing is how on earth did she know that it was already furnished, with a settee, a saxophone and a TV? Also what are those things doing there in the first place? And where on Earth did that hammer come from? And why attack the house when it is in such a damaged state already that in doing so it may crash on top of you? This makes no sense what so ever and all I'm coming up with is more and more questions.

This is all I have to say on this, questions, questions and more questions. I do like the song and I can see it being around for a very long while, although I have not even heard the original, let alone compared both music videos, maybe that could be my Sunday revisit? Or maybe not. I don't think this music video is that good, and although the song is really catchy, I think I would have expected more, maybe I did?