N-Force - All My Life

November 16, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

N-Force is a band that have been around for a couple of years, and although I am aware of their music videos, and tend to watch them whenever I'm watching the music channels, not everybody knows about them, and that usually prevents them from getting chart-toppers that they most certainly deserve. N-Force currently consists of Lois McConnell and Jorg Schmid. They are a UK club/dance band, but have been unable to get the support they clearly deserve. They're first single "Right By Your Side" which was collaborated by Darren Styles managed to get to number 77 in the UK chart, and number 46 in Germany. This is their second single, it only just about managed the UK chart at number 114, and their remaining singles didn't chart. The band is a little unsure of where they are at the moment, since Lois is apparently attempting to get a solo career, but considering she can't get much of a career in a band, is there much hope for her? I hope one of their songs do become a hit, and push them into stardom, as I know it is what they need, and  I'm definitely interested in hearing more and more from this band.

"All My Life" is originally a song that is sung by K-Ci & Jojo (now, don't do what I did a few years back and get Jojo confused with JoJo, as one is male, and one if female, and they both have totally different genres of music). K-Ci & Jojo wrote the song themselves, although it's credited under their own names which are: Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey and Joel "Jojo" Hailey (the other JoJo is Joanna Levesque, so do not get confused). I haven't heard the original, and I haven't even watched the music video, but a few people have commented saying that the original is better. I cannot judge, but to be honest I'm more into this sort of genre, than R&B which K-Ci & Jojo is. I have to admit, I love it when dance groups do covers, I think it's interesting how they can take a song of a completely different genre and turn upside down and inside out and make it something totally new. This happens a lot (example: Lostprophets (a rock band) sang Sweet Dreams My LA eX (by Rachel Stevens) and made it into a rock song). I think Lois' performance shows a lot of emotion and she relates to the song a lot.

I've probably watched this music video too much in my life time, to be honest, I'm not sure what it is about it that I like, I think it may be a number of things (including one shocking thing that I've noticed now and again). I like how this is simple, there's not a lot going on, and I think it is clever here and there.

The music video is really good although short. The narrative is pretty much simple as Lois goes into the casino and sits down, and this guy helps her to pull the leaver down and they get triple 7's, they get a hotel room and fall madly in love with one another (or so you are to believe). I don't quite understand why there's this other guy about. You could presume he and Lois just broke up and he obviously still likes her. I think he is Jorg, actually I'm more than sure, but I could be wrong, but it would be pretty pointless in putting an actor in if all he has to do is stand around and do a few things only.

Lois performs the song in the bedroom, on the cool rotating bed, that I so want. And outside the hotel room. But this guy who I believe is Jorg also appears outside. There's two girls with him, who I think is also the same two that is dancing behind Lois, and the girls are quite provocative, but that's too subtle for the word since if you keep a close eye on what they're doing, you'll be shocked. I have no idea how that slipped in there, and does it go alongside the narrative, and suggest that he's on rebound? But then I like the ending as Lois is clearly having fun, and "Jorg" is sitting alone in the casino. Not winning.

A lot of people have mentioned a number of things, one being that people think Lois is chubby. Personally I don't think she is, and to be honest who really cares, shouldn't personality count for something? And besides, as long as she's happy everyone else should be. She kind of reminds me of Natalie Horler, from Cascada, and N-Force could possibly be the UK's answer to Cascada, if people gave them a chance and a half.

Also another thing I like about this video is that in one of the rooms Lois looks a bit like the anime characters of Caramella Girls' music videos, and you could so imagine that if they did a collaboration it would take place in that room Lois is in, when she is wearing that striped blue and white top.

Overall I like this song, and is played in the clubs a few times, which is always good. I very much doubt the original is played often, however I could be wrong as I haven't heard it yet.  The music video is okay, but could have been a lot better, and could have been one of the reasons this song didn't chart very high. Also some clips may have been included which really shouldn't have. But apart from that I like the narrative, although there isn't a lot going on, and would you really go into a hotel room with the person you have to share your winnings with?