Sunday Girl - Love U More

November 01, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sunday Girl is an artist I've never heard of before, she comes from the UK, and has released 4 singles, with not charters, as of yet, why she is still around, I have no idea, generally by this point artists are dropped from their record label, and disappears for eternity. Her real name is Jade Williams, and she gained her alias when she worked for a pet store, she didn't mention to the other members of staff her real name, and since she only worked on Sunday's she was always referred as "Sunday Girl". Will she still be around in a few years time? I don't think so, and to be honest if this is the sort of songs she releases I can understand why she isn't that popular.

Now this song... When I first saw the video, I was really excited as I thought it was Basshunter's new song as he covered this song in his "Now You're Gone (album)", but then I realised the music was different and the lyrics were different. So I decided to find out more about this song, hence coming to do this review. This song, which shocked me, was originally sung by a band called Sunscreem, in 1992 (meaning this song is one year older than me), and has been covered by many artists including Steps and Rollergirl, who made the song famous in Sweden. My favourite cover is Basshunter's (which also features Lauren Dyson's Vocals).

I have to say I hate this music video, it has no link with the song what so ever, and I'd understand it if they were in a club or something, because this is where this song is more than likely going to be played, but no, the people are "Whipping their hair" to the song, which I would totally understand if this was a cover song for Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair", but it isn't.

Sunday Girl, doesn't look like she's enjoying this, usually if you are singing a song and performing it you usually put some umph into it, but there's nothing here whatsoever. It is really boring, and I know I shouldn't have expected much from it since she has failed to make any chart position thus far, but I reckon her other music videos were better than this (I haven't seen them so I wouldn't know).

Overall, I don't really like this version of this song, it sounds a lot like the original by Sunscreem, and they haven't changed the song much, for those of you who want to hear a better version I totally suggest Basshunter's version, as I haven't heard a better one just yet. The music video is bland and boring, there is no narrative, and no performance, and I will not be watching this video on the music channels whenever it comes on. As much as I like the song, there are better versions and the video could have been so much better, there isn't any "heart hands" either.