Darren Styles - Save Me

27 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Darren Styles, real name Darren Mew, has released a lot of different records and he is pretty big in the dance world, however he's never really had a great song or even a signature song, so why aren't so many people taken to his music? Lately he has released a couple of songs, one being extremely likened by all music channels who happen to have played it a lot, but it still didn't get very far on the chart, and I'm not sure how he could grab people to buy his next single, it just doesn't seem possible.

Now the sun is coming out, even though it's just March, the music channels have started putting the summer songs on, including new ones and old ones, like this one, which I haven't seen in ages. "Save Me" was written by Darren Mew, and he sings this song perfectly, and he also produced it, so therefore it's no wonder it is so catchy, especially since he is a Disc Jokey (DJ).

The music video is pretty good, it's not bad, but it's not exactly great either. Repetition in some of the footage is extremely obvious, so they definitely ran out of footage, however it was implemented accurately.

I bet this music video sounded perfect on paper, and maybe a bit extreme, and the music video comes off just like that, however it's a little on the boring side, with next to nothing going on, it's extreme, but that is all.

Overall I like this song, it's catchy and puts me right into a summery mood. However the accompanying music video could have been a lot better, we aren't given a reason for him jumping over the side of the skyscraper, and she clearly wasn't there to save him either. But it's one of those music videos I'd watch again and again, purely because the music is amazing.