Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

March 05, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Katy Perry is becoming a big artist now, and it's hard to keep up with her. Her actual name is Katy Hudson, but she uses Katy Perry as her star name because she thought her name sounds too close to Kate Hudson's. I like how catchy her songs are becoming, and I'm sure she's going to be around for a very long time. She has recently got divorced from UK's Russell Brand, and she wrote a song about him "Part Of Me" that I can't wait to be released here in the UK.

Teenage Dream was written by Katy Perry, Laukas Gottwald (A.K.A Dr. Luke), Max Martin, Benjamin Levin and Bonnie McKee. Again we have the formidable Dr. Luke and Max Martin cllaboration, who are best known for a number of amazing songs. This one is subtle and really interesting, and the perfect follow up to California Gurls.

This music video is a great representation of the song, it links in amazingly, and I congratulate the people who came up with the idea, as there wasn't any other way of doing this. It's completely narration, but that is perfectly fine, and totally expected from a pop music video.

The story paints the picture of a teenage couple getting together, I like the idea that we see where it started but not at the beginning, it makes this stand out and is different from other narrative videos. Katy Perry's on-screen boyfriend is played by model Josh Kloss, who is attempting to get into acting.

There's some bits that is really good, such as when they're driving in the car, I really want to just sit in a convertible, just once in my life, and it has to be very very sunny. I also like the beach scene as that looked like great fun.

This music video links in well with the song, and it makes a change to find a video that is a great representation of the song, so I have no choice to give this the rating it deserves, I hope everyone agrees.