Pink - F**kin' Perfect

16 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is one of my favourite songs, it is always the song that picks me back up again if I think I'm in a bad place, and I'm sure it would be in my top 5 all-time playlist (if I had one). The last time I heard this I was off to Devon with Tink09, and we totally forgot that it was the explicit version, so we were singing along and the next thing we knew Pink swore and we just burst out laughing as we weren't expecting it.

Pink, real name Alecia Moore, is known world-wide. I'm in love with her music, and even though there are times when she takes breaks from music and I feel like there's no point in being a fan of hers no more, she always brings out a great song just as I'm about to stop liking her, and she turns me around once again. She has had 3 number one UK singles and three number one UK albums (her latest three). Can she get to the top spot once again?

"F**kin' Perfect" was written by Pink, Max Martin and Shellback. Again the undefeatable pair of Max Martin and Shellback, they always write great songs, so it's no wonder I really like this one. Apparently Pink's inspiration was her husband Carey Hart. This single manged to get to number 10 on the UK chart, although I think it definitely deserved to get higher.

This music video caused a lot of controversy when it first appeared. And is it any wonder. Although I respect Pink for having this as her music video, as there are people out there with these exact troubles, and there is no point in just sweeping them under the carpet, as that will get you nowhere. You need to tackle it head on, and make people aware, and I totally love this music video because of the controversy.

The girl in the music video is played by Tina Majorino and she acts this remarkably, I'm really interested in watching TV shows and films that she has been in, as she is a really good actress in this music video.

There's so much to like and dislike about this video, I always cringe at the part when she is cutting her arm, I just couldn't do it myself, and I don't really know how others can, although I understand why they do it, and what they feel when they do it, I just couldn't do it myself. In contrast I love the bit where Pink raises a glass to the girl, it makes you want to do the same and tell her to keep going, as there is a lot of things in life that you will enjoy. This is exactly where "Raise Your Glass" would fit in, and I so hope Pink follows this sort of line in her new songs, as we need the world to be happy with who they are.

Overall, I love this song, and although this music video is cringe-worthy and very in-your-face, it's right up my street, and exactly what you need to watch, and it's what I'm kind of expecting from Pink nowadays. I have my fingers crossed that the next videos and the songs are just as similar.