You Me At Six Featuring Oli Sykes - Bite My Tongue

April 02, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So first day of my new special, guys. It's called "Critic Jonni's Friends Exclusive". Using my own randomiser, Hollagram Star comes out first. She has picked You Me At Six Featuring Oli Sykes - Bite My Tongue. Her reason is "because it's got Oil Sykes in it and the song is absolutely amazing and it's my favourite one off there new album [Sinners Never Sleep] I can listen to it over and over".

You Me At Six is a rock band from the UK, they are a five piece band consisting of Josh Franceschi, Max Helyer, Chris Miller, Matt Barnes and Dan Flint. They have been going for a number of years, and have gained many fans. However I've never really been taken to them, and only really like their songs when I've heard them again and again and again. The collaborator is Oli Sykes, he is the lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon, another band that I'm not as interested in.

"Bite My Tongue" was written by Josh Franceschi. Again bands usually write their own songs, so it's not much of a surprise, and it's understandable since they can easily convey what they mean by the lyrics. This song is really catchy, and I think I quite like it, it's already stuck in my head.

This music video is pretty different to what is around at the moment, as far as I know. It's quite dark, which most music videos of this genre are like, and it has both performance and narrative, in a very artistic way.

It links in with the song. They've taken the part of "I can't hate the ones who made me" and made it look like Josh is creating people. The wires looks like they were difficult to play instruments with. I like it when Oli Sykes comes in, he becomes the maker which changes the whole concept of the narrative.

Overall there isn't a lot to this music video, but you can definitely feel the energy from the band during their performance, and you know you'll receive the same energy if you went to see them live. It looks like there's not much to it, but that is what makes it great.