Ireland Entry: Jedward - Waterline

02 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Jedward, Jedward, Jedward. You all knew this one was on it's way. I am definitely a fan of them (but secretly). They have appeared on my blog many times before, and here's yet another one. They were on The X Factor (UK), and came sixth. This was their second time performing for Ireland on Eurovision, they performed "Lipstick" in the Eurovision 2011, and they came eighth with that song. This song has charted in a few countries, but will it chart in the UK? We gave them 10 points, although I think we should've given them more. This was definitely a typical Eurovision song, and it failed to meet expectations, and I was surprised.

"Waterline" was written by Nick Jarl and Sharon Vaughn. It is the first time an act from Ireland has represented them at Eurovision. This song is a progression from "Lipstick", I also think it sounds like they've grown up, going for a more mature sound, and trying to reach out to more people than just kids. Unfortunately they only received 46 points and came 19th overall. Proving that it's all down to the song and the way it's sung and it's not a political contest as everyone is shouting and raving about.

This music video isn't exactly the best. I kind of dislike these sort of videos, they're more a mix up of clips that aren't quite edited well together. On the other hand they have done it nicely allowing kids to copy the dancing amongst various other things. But is this it, is there anything interesting about this?

I'm not sure, but I can already see this being a short review. It's definitely more of a performance piece, there's some footage from them singing live in the national selection for Ireland, and then some bits are from them performing in front of a green screen. And then there's shots of fans and them going on television. But that's it, and this is really lacking something. Also you aren't quite sure when it will be cut into a different scene, and it's quite hard to follow.

Having said that the song is very catchy and the music video is a little on the disappointing side, however they do cartwheels one handed, I can't do that! They are great entertainers, I remember seeing them on tour when I went to see the X Factor Tour and they flew over the top of us, doing flips in the air. I can't fault them on their entertainment, and that water feature during the contest in Baku, Azerbaijan was amazing. But this definitely will not be the last we hear of them.