Justin Bieber Featuring Nicki Minaj - Beauty And A Beat

22 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Here we go again. They were my exact thoughts yesterday when I noticed someone had commented on my suggestions page, and asked me to review this song. Justin Bieber is a worldwide superstar and he is one of those people who girls fall for and guys hate. It is possibly, the reason as to why he has never managed a number one single in the UK. However, as he grows older his music has got to change, and we are currently seeing that, and he is managing to capture some of the guys.

I was listening to "Free Radio" a couple of months back and someone texted in saying she had played Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" to her boyfriend without him knowing who it was. He turned around and said it was amazingly catchy and he would like to know who sung it so he could listen to it himself. However, to his shock horror she announced it was Justin Bieber and he told her to stop playing the song and choose something else. This begs to question why guys dislike him... My idea is that his first few singles and his debut album has given people a perception of him which he is now trying to dislodge, but will it work?

"Beauty And A Beat" was written by Max Martin, Anton Zaslayski, Savan Kotecha and Onika Maraj. This looks like a great collaboration of song-writers and is proved to be a hit, but will it get as far as it should. It is set to be released in November but it has already charted from album downloads only. It begs to question whether or not this will actually chart well. It's catchy and if I heard it on the radio it would be stuck in my head. At the end of the day, who cares who sings the song?

The music video was actually directed by Justin Bieber and John M. Chu. This is what makes this video different and amazingly great. It's reminiscent of Cloverfield (the film), and maybe a bit similar to Chronicle too. However there is no video I've ever come across that is quite as outstanding as this one.

I like the idea behind it, the fact that Justin Bieber directs the camera around. Not only that but he is a great dancer too. He kind of reminds me of Britney's early music videos. A lot of people, Sharon Osbourne in particular, has said that this guy might not make it in the future. However I believe she and many others are wrong, he will develop as an artist and take different directions, that his fan-base will support. Actually he is doing that right now. 

Overall the song is really catchy and I can see this song charting higher when it's officially been released. It's music video fails to relate to the song as well as it should, and there are a few errors that doesn't go amidst when watching. However it is a whole new video that stands out from the crowd and is something I am willing to watch again, surprisingly. Justin Bieber will never disappear, he will keep making hits, but will he ever get that UK number one single? We lie in wait for that day to come.