Esmée Denters - It's Summer Because We Say So

05 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Esmée Denters, yes you heard that name correctly, she is BACK! She is well known for her song "Outta Here" and her collaborations with Chipmunk on "Until You Were Gone" and Justin Timberlake on "Love Dealer". She was labelled as an R&B artist, but I don't think the UK took to her, and soon enough other countries world-wide started to become disinterested. She disappeared for two years, and now she is back, with a complete new direction in music. Is this right? I think so, and I think she thinks so too. Could this be her way of staying in the limelight. We'll just have to wait and see.

"It's Summer Because We Say So" is definitely not the sort of song I would've expected Esmée Denters to sing, but here she is, and here I am, reviewing something worthy enough to be a Cascada song. It was released last week, but I don't think many people realised she had released a new song, again lack of promotion, furthermore I found it difficult to find as it is under her first name only of Esmée, is this the name we are supposed to go by now? And if so, how come she hasn't changed her facebook and twitter profiles?

This music video is clearly low budget. It's missing a hell of a lot. I can't imagine the music channels picking this video up and showing it, it's just not commercial enough, it doesn't exude what you really want and need from a video like this, and although, for some people, Esmée is enough, for others it just isn't.

I don't even know where to comment on this video, there's just not enough there. I like the photo booth, but it's a common item found in previous low-budgeted music videos.

I really haven't got much else to say. The song should've been a massive summer hit, but it came out too late and wasn't promoted enough (3 Beat Records really need to step up their game). The music video had so much promise, but doesn't work and doesn't stand out. I have to go with my brain on this rating, and I really don't like dipping this low for ratings, but guess I have no choice. however the song is definitely much better than the video, her voice is fantastic, and I hope she gets her big break soon!