New Release: Tulisa - Sight Of You

December 03, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Tulisa, full name Tulisa Contostavlos, first found fame in N-Dubz, with cousin Dappy and friend (now former boyfriend) Fazer. The band recently split with all of them going in different directions. Tulisa got a number one hit with "Young". It has recently been confirmed N-Dubz will be getting back together. However, personally, I feel Tulisa's perfect by herself, and this song just proves how credible of an artist she actually is.

"Sight Of You" was written by Tulisa Contostavlos and Terius Nash (The-Dream). She described it as a Christmas ballad that will stand the test of time. And I was blown away by it. I first heard it today and I was shocked, it's so different to "Young" and "Live It Up", but it works so perfectly beautiful, I just couldn't believe this was a Tulisa track. The only problem is the bit at the end when she says "The End", it worked just the way I wanted it to and then BAM! Right at the end it's ruined just that tiny bit.

The music video is amazing. That's the only word to describe it. It's exactly what I expected and more and made me want to know what was going to happen. It kept me engaged and that is what I want from this sort of video.

It features quite-known actor Jody Latham as Tulisa's lover. They break apart and Tulisa then finds him with another girl shortly after. She then tries to make him jealous, and it works. They finally get back together at the end, and it's like nothing has gone on. It reminds me of so many soap opera relationships and ones in the real world too.

Overall a great song that should definitely stand the test of time. I personally think it should be a hit and become Tulisa's signature song, however it looks doubtful. The music video is out of this world, it just couldn't have been done better, leaving me partially speechless and happy that after some while I can finally give this rating. I look forward to future music videos by Tulisa.