New Release: Tyler James Featuring Kano - Worry About You

February 18, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Tyler James first became noticeable to me on The Voice UK, he was mentored by Will.I.Am and finished in 2nd place. Before then he had a bit of success with 3 singles all getting into the UK chart and an album, all in 2004/5. His highest charting single back then was "Foolish" at chart position 16 and it still is. Recently he released "Single Tear" which only managed to make it to number 28, however his new album managed to crack the UK chart this time around at 47. Now his follow-up single is released this week, and even though the song has been picked up by Radio 1, it still is not performing as well as everyone thought it would on the iTunes top 100.

This song features Kano, real name Kane Robinson, he has had a lot of chart success, not that I know any of his songs, but almost all his singles have charted and half of them entered the top 40 between 2005 and 2010. Recently he is working on his fifth album, we could potentially be seeing more of him.

"Worry About You" was written by Tyler James and Blair Mackichan according to the album credits. And I do find it effortlessly catchy, one of these songs that will be around for a while. However as I have previously stated, it is not performing well on the iTunes top 100, regardless of the fact that Radio 1 has been playing it a lot recently. So what is it this time? Well once again, I think the sales are split, half of them have gone and bought the single, which includes remixes and the rapping from Kano which is also seen in the video. Others have opted to download the song from the album, as most did in the last two weeks, managing to get the song alone to chart at number 52. But with these annoying split sales the charting position may not be as high as it would've been if it were released before the album. It just seems so unfair.

Throwing away the sexy, flirtatious side of Tyler we first saw in "Single Tear" we now see a man ready to take on the world to save his one true love. The music video is passionate and intriguing, and confusing all mashed into one.

I was watching it unsure of where this may be going, for all we knew the music video may not relate at all and it could've just been created. But that is not the case. His love interest has a serious gambling problem, and he doesn't know how to help her... It relates to the song perfectly... But I wonder where he gets this idea for the song from... As he had a famous friend called Amy Winehouse... And didn't she have a drug problem? Clearly she is watching over her friend and is trying to help him the way he helped her. Hopefully she'll haunt people all this week and make them buy the single from iTunes.

Overall, I can see why Radio 1 has picked up the song and are playing it often. It's one of those that will get stuck in your head, if only more people will download the single! The music video fits perfectly. I'm not quite sure what the role of Kano is, although maybe he was the one who told Tyler where his love interest was... Who knows? Anyhow, I've just realised that I can't give this music video anything other than this rating, I have no negative comments, only that it's different to his first single, but what do we expect?