V - Blood, Sweat And Tears

March 07, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

V, a band who came to prominence the same time McFly did. It's obvious who came out on top, but what have we missed out on? The band consisted of five members, hence the name which comes from the Roman numeral meaning five. The members were Aaron Buckingham, Antony Thomas Brant, Mark Harle, Kevin McDaid and Leon Pisani. With 2 hit singles, this one getting number 6 and "Hip To Hip" getting number 5, their third single dipped to number 12. Their album can be seen as the cause of their crash out of the music industry. 'You Stood Up' peaked at number 86, and that was the end of the band. "Blood, Sweat And Tears" was my favourite song from them, and even now it still gets stuck in my head.

This music video has not a lot to do with the song, there's not a lot of blood or tears going on, but maybe a bit of sweat, but not from hard work, and definitely from the glorious sunshine.

They are practically singing into the camera, so do we presume this girl they are singing to is the camera? I don't think so. This is just a group of lads having fun in Miami, Florida. But why is this seen differently to The Wanted's "Glad You Came"?

Well there isn't an innuendo to the song, this video fails to grab many people, apart from them stripping off, but even in doing so they don't seem united, still Aaron keeps his top on through-out, how can you be a unity if you're all not doing something similar?

Overall an extremely catchy song that I'm surprised hasn't been covered and smashed the charts recently. The music video is fun, fun, fun, and lacking unity. The band's demise is similar to VS, who did "Call U Sexy" amongst other songs. Both bands appeared and disappeared around the same time. Why do I end up liking all the artists who end up disappearing?