Montenegro Entry: Who See Featuring Nina Žižić - Igranka

May 23, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Who See, also known as Who See Klapa are a duo from Montenegro. If I had to announce my favourite from this years Eurovision Song Contest, I'm pretty sure this would be the one, if not they would be really close. Who See consists of Dedduh, real name Dejan Dedović, and Noyz, real name Mario Đorđević. They are a hip-hop group, and are well known in Montenegro. So much so they have even won an MTV EMA. This is their international debut, although they haven't actually released the single, so I had to download it from the Eurovision 2013 album. I just hope they eventually release over here in the UK. The song features Nina Žižić. She has been trying to become known for almost a decade, and have performed at various international festivals. I think this appearance will help push her career. I hope Who See and Nina Žižić collaborate again, as this should have been a success, I just cannot believe it missed out on the final.

"Igranka" was written by Djordje Miljenović (also known as Wikluh Sky). The song was really one of my favourites, and even Ana Matronic (one of two commentators for the Semi Finals in the UK) loved it as much as I did. Like I previously stated I bought the song, and I have already played it a number of times, along with watching this video a couple of times. This will never get old.

Unfortunately Montenegro didn't make the final, in fact they have never made the final, placing 12th out of 16 countries in the first Semi Final. I really thought this would've made the final. Who See gained 41 points overall. Croatia gave 6 points, Denmark gave 5 points, Ukraine gave 8 points, Belarus gave 2 points, Moldova gave 6 points, Serbia gave 12 points and Sweden gave 2 points.

The music video is surprising, a lot of dancing going on, whether it's freestyle or choreographed is debatable, the in sync dancing had to be choreographed right? But the freestyle might just be freestyle. There is so much going on that it's hard to keep up with it, I think the editing can be considered quick, but it's easily watched, whereas Latvia's Entry: PeR with "Here We Go", is a different story.

So let's start off with the narrative, a woman comes down a lift, turns on music, removes her jacket and dances around a chair provocatively, this is what we sort of expect from this dubstep/hip-hop/rap combination. Then another woman enters the room and they have a dance-off. At the end they walk off together.

In other scenes, we see Who See in boiler suits picking up drills in cases, and handcuff them, soon we see them surrounded by two guys with swords. They start rapping and then make their ways towards the stage. I just cannot help but think: where are the astronaut costumes? As they performed as astronauts in the first Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 (check out video below).

Elsewhere there is a 'cat-fight' between two women in a cage... And then Nina Žižić appears on stage. Who See breaks up the fight and the girls start dancing beside them. Then they replace the cases where they were and everything is deserted.

I do not understand this video at all, but the dancing is good to watch. The crowd around the performance piece really shows us how much people enjoy their music, I would be one of them if I could be. However I think Nina Žižić has a much bigger stage presence than Who See.

Overall an unusual Eurovision Song Contest entry, however I enjoyed it, and many others did too, it could have spurred other countries to enter a similar act for next year, or not since it didn't make it through to the final, although it definitely should have been there. As for the accompanying music video, I don't get it, but I can appreciate the choreography and the performance piece, but there isn't a stable narrative, so here's my rating.