Rizzle Kicks - Down With The Trumpets

01 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Rizzle Kicks are still the most viewed artist on my blog, their music video "Mama Do The Hump" has gained so many hits on my blog, that I don't think any other blog post will ever catch up. The duo, who consists of Rizzle, real name Jordan Stephens, and Sylvester, real name Harley Alexander-Sule, have been doing well in the UK, but have been dropping slowly. Their most recent single "Dreamers" failed to reach the top 100 of the UK chart. Is it really all down to the music video that made their name? Or can they conquer the charts once again and finally get their own number one single? Guess time will tell.

"Down With The Trumpets" was written by Jordan Stephens, Harley Alexander-Sule, Dag Nabbit, Darren Lewis, Iyiola Babalola and Will Davies. The song is really catchy and managed to get to number 8 on the UK chart. Showing that it caught the UK with the song. I just hope the second album will bring much more unique sounds but also something that people will like. These guys need to pull something out of the bag, or they might be lost forever.

This music video is very similar to what the song portrays, making it an exact conversion to an extent. Hence why we see certain scenes such as them getting down to the ground with a trumpet, as well as Rizzle touching knuckles with someone while Sylvester is rapping about feeling 'Safe'.

This sometimes fail to bring audience attention, on the other hand they are very mischievous, and this is what makes this video great to watch. The best scene has to be when they are hiding behind the wall.

Overall a song that easily grows on people and before you know it you're singing along by the end of it. The music video is too much of a replica for my liking, I want a bit of a narrative at least, or a bit of performance, however we get to know what they are like to an extent, making them funny and great to watch.
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