New Release: Ruth Lorenzo - The Night

June 17, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ruth Lorenzo is back! It's official, her second single is actually going to be released here to the UK, and I'm so happy. I just can't stop talking about this song to people and I have been listening to it over and over again, I am really hoping it will chart this Sunday, but there's no sign of this song on the iTunes top 1000, it needs to chart people, you need to buy it now! This has been a long time coming to be honest, and her first single "Burn" didn't get released in the UK, so this makes it her debut here, but with little promotion and not a lot behind her, will she suffer? Well with this voice she will not be defeated, and I do see her eventually gaining the chart numbers she needed.

Ruth Lorenzo is from The X Factor UK, and came fifth in the fifth series. Her fellow contestants also got recording contracts and stuff, here's where they are now... Alexandra Burke (winner) working on her third album, has three number one singles and is kick-starting her career in the U.S.; JLS (second) are due to break-up, they have four albums behind them, five number one singles and are getting ready to release a greatest hits; Eoghan Quigg (third), one album, one single, and has disappeared from the spotlight; Diana Vickers (fourth), one album with a second being released soon, one number one single; Rachel Hylton (sixth) just starting up; Daniel Evans (seventh) released a single and album but failed to chart and has disappeared from the spotlight; Laura White (eighth), one single, has an album in the works and is now working under the stage name 'Martha'; Bad Lashes (twelfth) disbanded after releasing one single.

"The Night" was written by Ruth Lorenzo and Tim Ross. The song was originally called 'The Night Belongs To Us', and was given as a free download to her fans on FaceBook a couple of years back, and now it has been turned into a single, with remixes, that are great to listen to. The song is extremely catchy after a few plays, and her voice is outstanding, it's a shame she never got to the final of The X Factor, Simon Cowell missed out on something good here. Her emotion comes across amazingly, and I still think her rendition of Prince's "Purple Rain" on The X Factor sing-off is one of the best performances ever, I don't think anyone can top it.

The music video is mainly a performance piece but has a slight narrative that I find similar to Avril Lavigne's "Wish You Were Here". The narrative tightens heart strings and kind of displays her emotion out on a plate, however I think there should've been more to it, it lacks something crucial, maybe it would have been good to include past memories that she is thinking about.

The performance side of things to this music video is theatrical in a good way, you know her live performances will be full of energy and vibes that will reach across to the fans.

Overall a great song that gets stuck in my head really easily. The music video lacks a solid narrative, and the performance piece has lighting which doesn't always keep her in the light. The video, at the end of the day could be better, and be improved, yet it goes well with the song.