New Release: Follow Your Instinct Featuring Alexandra Stan - Baby, It's OK

26 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Follow Your Instinct, also known as FYI, is a new urban group who happen to be up and coming. They are a three piece group consisting of Addis (a.k.a. Raptile), Lionezz and Viper. These acts alone are pretty credible, this group is what we all call a 'supergroup', that is a group that each member were successful solo artists or in another group before this one. Addis, found fame under the name Raptile, charting high in Germany, he apparently has had 500,000 sales worldwide, now he is ready to take his career to the next lever with this group. In the exact same position is Lionezz who found fame in a TV show called 'ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme', and came 8th overall. As for Viper, he has worked with various producers over the years. This group has been named the new 'Black Eyed Peas', is that true? Guess we'll have to wait and see. They kind of remind me of a mix of 'N-Dubz' and 'Platnum'. I really think FYI and Platnum should collaborate, that would definitely be an unstoppable single. Instead they have collaborated with Alexandra Stan.

Alexandra Stan, she is the whole reason I have bought this single.After having a massive hit in the whole world with "Mr. Saxobeat" as well as doing well with her follow-up singles "Get Back (ASAP)" and "Lemonade", she fell so quickly, which led to her ending up in hospital. Her then boyfriend and manager beat her up after a money dispute back in June. Now she is back, and ready to conquer yet again!

"Baby, It's OK" samples K.C. and The Sunshine Band's "Give It Up". It's a great update of the song, and so catchy. I'm surprised that it looks like it might not become a good hit, since it is one of those songs that easily get stuck in your head. However the lyrics aren't exactly strong and Viper's solo in the song adds nothing. He has a unique voice but it's not something I can see myself listening to, he isn't a great singer, but I can see how his vocals change the track.

This music video is a typical video we've seen over and over again, only this has extra scenes you never expect to see in this type of video, so it's not all bad.

We're getting pretty bored of these rap guys being surrounded by women in bikinis and in some music video even less. It doesn't interest me and what prevents one of these videos being different from another?

This music video however includes a dance sequence with professional dancers, it features two females on vocals, that being Alexandra Stan and Lionezz, so it's not all bad. Alexandra Stan is looking healthy and on top form once again, she even shows that she has dance finesse, give that girl some choreography, she will surprise us all with how she can move. Following from that Lionezz proves she is a dancer, she can definitely pull it off, and it works well.

Overall a great song that gets stuck in my head all day and for the days to follow, you lot should buy this song now! It comes with great remixes too. The music video starts off as a typical rap music video, but soon changes and proves that Follow Your Instinct is not following in footsteps of other great rappers. Keep your eyes on these guys, if they don't make it big, they'll make it global. That's what my instinct is telling me.