Conor Maynard - R U Crazy

October 21, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Waking up with this song stuck in one's head, was not what I thought today would bring. But as I trundled down the stairs ready to watch the music channels, I was hoping this video would get played; that is what happened, and I haven't stopped singing to it in my head all day.

Conor Maynard, was born two months before me, and I still can't get over the fact that he's nearly 21. He's highest charting single is his debut "Can't Say No" which got to number two here in the UK. He was tipped as the UK's answer to Justin Bieber, and even though there is a few years between them, he'll never shake that from himself. This song reminds me of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend". Yet with some big differences...

"R U Crazy" was written by Conor Maynard, Timothy McKenzie, Ashton Foster and Ray Djan. The second songwriter being the real name to singer Labrinth. The song sounds very personal to Conor Maynard as it's about a girl who wants him back, now that he is a household name. The start is good, and people believe it should have been a complete swing version, but I don't think it would've been quite so catchy. As the song progresses, we find out his falsettos aren't strong at all (reminds me of Justin Timberlake's falsettos, in his early years), but unlike Timberlake, Conor Maynard can't pull it off. And as the track ends, the producers mess around with his voice, making the track less enjoyable, and more experimental. I love the song, but they shouldn't have messed with it as much as they have done.

The music video relates well with the song, including a performance piece at the start and a narrative that starts and ends just the way we expect it to.

The performance piece at the start is quite misleading, unless Conor Maynard were to take the swing road, however that seems very unlikely. Then the narrative gradually appears with him wearing that horrible green jumper. This is an artist who people are meant to look up to and follow fashion wise, yet that jumper does nothing for him at all.

The video continues with the expected narrative, but with a surprise with him lying on top of her during a bedroom scene. I usually forget he is nearly 21, and seeing that every time just surprises me.

Overall, a strong song that doesn't need all the theatrics that has been put in; this is what stopped it from reaching the top spot of the UK chart, in my opinion. The music video has everything I want and more, the theatrical ending with the vases smashing, and although he never gives her his middle finger as the song says, there is a clear narrative, which adds to the song completely. Only problem I have is that hideous jumper. This video makes me aware that he's nearly 21, he needs the world to keep knowing that, or he'll be stuck with the 'UK's version of Justin Bieber' label.
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