Morandi Featuring Inna - Summer In December

January 03, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Bringing the warmness to the cold, this song is a summer anthem made for winter. Defining and compulsive, a song I can't stop playing. Adorable and enchanting, the music video shows Morandi's Randi and Inna as angels, looking over Morandi's Marius Moga. Reminds me a lot of Cupid with his bow and arrow.

Morandi consists of Marius Moga and Andrei Ştefan Ropcea (known as Randi). They have been successful all over eastern Europe. It begs to question... Is their next plan to hit the western world? I'm sure they can do just that considering how popular they are within various countries in the eastern world. The song features my favourite singer in the world: Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu. She's had some chart hits here in the UK, as well as other countries too. I can't stop hoping she releases a chart topping hit soon. "Summer in December" didn't chart in any country, but that doesn't mean anything, as I will continue to love this song and I definitely won't stop playing it.

The music video is both a performance piece and narrative. I shall start with the performance. As many people have commented on the video, Inna looks cute and it makes a nice change seeing her in something wintry. The scenes depict her as emotional and understanding, a perfect angel watching over Marius Moga. As for Randi, his performance outshines Inna's and keeps me engaged.

Marius Moga's narrative story is interesting and enveloping. I'm caught within the story and I want to know the outcome. I love the flashbacks, a typical resulting symptom after falling off a motorcycle. I also loved the ending, although the hallucination in the middle made me question the ending... Is she really there?

Overall great song with a perfect music video. Angelic and wintry. I can't wait to see where the future will take these two artists.
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