New Release: Dorian Featuring Alexandra Stan - Motive

27 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

HaHaHa Production collaborates with Global Records to make this amazing Romanian duet which has got me reminiscing of Morandi Featuring Inna "Summer In December". These songs are in no way similar, even though fans of Inna and Alexandra Stan seem to make out there is some sort of competition, but there really is not. Maybe it's too late for Romanian music to make an impact in the western world, what with all these amazing songs sifting under the radar, but if it's happened once, it can happen again. Inna is on top form, and Alexandra Stan is not far behind, both girls are leading the way, proving you can be successful, They both deserve to chart here in the western world and it's such a shame they aren't. This is another hit that just fails to chart.

Dorian, real name Dorian Micu, is an up and coming Romanian artist, and have released a fair few singles. Very active on social media, he will soon be charting in his own country, I foresee, he is talented to say the least, and to bag Alexandra Stan, as well, to feature is an honour. She has been on top form since the whole fiasco with her manager/ex-boyfriend, and her song "Thanks For Leaving" pushed that problem out of her life. Although she hasn't come into prominence recently, her collaboration with Inna & Daddy Yankee on "We Wanna" definitely hasn't gone amiss. I wouldn't be surprised if her third album does well worldwide, let's just hope we don't wait too long. Motive, written by Andrei Mihai, Dorian Micu and Elena Morosanu, is in their native tongue, and is beautifully and emotionally sung. It is about not knowing how you feel in a relationship and maybe it is too late to get past the hurt and confusion.

The video, directed by Ionuț Trandafir, reflects the song well. Clearly Dorian and Alexandra Stan have had an argument and he's stormed out, into his car and is driving away, whilst Alexandra Stan throws a cushion.

It's clear they both don't know what to do. She doesn't run after him, so maybe she hasn't fallen too hard for him, and he is driving whilst rapping.

I think Alexandra Stan looks a bit like Davina McCall only with blonde hair, when she's on the bed, however Alexandra Stan has had a new hair cut which looks good. Her performance piece in front of the concrete makes me desperate to see her live, so effortless in her moves with so much feeling. She can definitely sing, and I hope I get to see her live in the future.

She made this song, let's be honest, without her vocals this wouldn't have worked out that good. The video fails to be memorable and exciting, relying on both artists presence and demeanour, as well as lacking visually, however the narrative succeeds, if only slightly.
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