JoJo - Not That Kinda Girl

15 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I was going to review the only other JoJo single to chart here in the UK, only "Anything" never got an official music video, and so, by elimination, there was just two more music videos to choose from. This song takes JoJo to the R&B roots we're used to, and it proves how much she has changed. Her Tringle she released, which includes "When Love Hurts", "Save My Soul" and "Say Love", are much more modern. However Not That Kinda Girl was released when R&B was hitting the charts hard. The video relates to the song perfectly. Edgy and full of depth, JoJo announces she's not the usual type of singer, and she won't be controlled either.

JoJo, real name Joanna Levesque, has just made a return to music with a short snapshot of her new album. The Tringle is amazing, and I cannot wait for the other videos. It's good to see her back, after such an awful dispute with her label, where she ended up suing them. Finally she got out of the contract and signed a new one with a new record label and can now release new music. This song was written by Neely Dinkins, B. Cola Pietro, Balewa Muhammad and Sylvester Jordan, Jr. Catchy and full of R&B vibes, her voice is deep and soulful.

It was directed by Fat Cats, who consist of Eric Williams and Randy Marshall. It also features cameos from Laurie Ann Gibson, Vincent Herbert, Da Internz, Tool and Maynard James Keenan.

It's almost as if JoJo is being two different people, this star singer who is photographed, who is dancing on stage, who has bodyguards everywhere. And then this normal girl getting on a bus, with her album advertised on the side of it. She's proving that she is a normal down to Earth girl, and that she will not become what they want her to be.

Her dancing is in sync, and I hope that in a future music video she has full choreography like this one. I know "When Love Hurts" has choreography, but it's mainly vogue and finger tutting, and I really would like to see something much bigger.

Overall, perfect video to match a perfect song. I have no problem with this video at all, and now the song is stuck in my head.
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