Boney M. - Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord

December 24, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Every year I hear this song around Christmas time. My Mother used to be obsessed with this group when she was younger, and every year this is played on the music channels, she sings it. I actually can't believe this was released in 1978, and it's still included on Christmas albums. It's one of the UK's biggest selling Christmas singles, yet it doesn't continue to chart every year like other Christmas songs. Boney M. have donned Eskimo coats in front of a white screen for this festive Christmas music video.

Boney M., for those of you who don't know, were a group formed in Germany consisting of, at the time, Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell. The latter's vocals was rarely used in the groups songs, and instead, producer, Frank Farian's voice was used, with Bobby Farrell lip-syncing in performances. They were an international hit, charting well in Germany, Sweden and the UK. They didn't do too well in the US, but that is one market many fail to break. This song was written by Jester Hairston, Frank Farian, Fred Jay and Lorin. It is a cover version of Harry Belafonte's hit song "Mary's Boy Child", only with a new melody, hence the mashup with Oh My Lord, which was a song written for Boney M. It hit number one in the UK, and stayed there for four weeks.

The music video isn't all that interesting, and the simple lyrics makes it obvious as to why it charted so high in that year.

The video is a pure performance piece, but if all they are going to do is sway from side to side, who would want to see them live?

It is a ballad type of song, and by the looks of things they didn't have much time to create this music video. On the other hand, there is nothing to this video, I feel that this could be easy to replicate and none of the singers perform as if the song means anything to them. They look like carol singers, or people performing at a karaoke competition. Their vocals are good, but this video doesn't do the song any justice.

Overall I feel nothing for this music video, there's just nothing to it. As for the song, it's simple, but catchy, and their harmonies are perfect. It's not surprising that they became an international hit.
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