Chart Mondays: Stormzy - Shut Up

December 21, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Chart Mondays again, I'm currently in the middle of my Christmas Special. At the moment, Justin Bieber is STILL at number one with "Love Yourself", which only has a promotional video. As for this one, this is a freestyle video, and although technically not a music video, I'm counting this as an official music video. Not only that, but I really do not like Coldplay, and that is my only other option to review in the top 10, so Stormzy is so much better, in my opinion, to review. Stormzy raps perfectly and on point, never missing a single beat, very rehearsed, and faultless!

Stormzy, real name Michael Omari, is literally someone I hadn't heard of until today. He's name rang a bell, but I wasn't quite sure where. After searching on Google, I found he featured on a remix of Nick Jonas' "Chains", which was released on iTunes. He seems to be doing well for himself, chart wise, and with those skills, I don't blame the high charting positions! This song was written by Michael Oman as expected, and was used as a bid to claim the Christmas number one in order to rival The X Factor winner's single, which was Louisa Johnson with "Forever Young", instead it charted at number 8, just one place in front of Louisa Johnson's song. This wasn't technically released as a single, more like a b-side on the "WickedSkengMan 4" single.

The video was directed by Jaiden Ramgeet, who is the one behind the camera, we expect, who encourages Stormzy to state his name. Stormzy seems embarrassed at the start of the video, as if he's nervous or not comfortable at all.

He loosens up as soon as he starts to sing, and really gets into spitting those bars. This is totally raw, and fresh, it works well as a music video, performance wise. He clearly means everything he is saying.

What is there left for me to say though? No narrative, but that was to be expected. The camera flits to various people behind him, in reference, occasionally, which piqued the viewers interest ever so slightly, but apart from that, there isn't much more to this video, as a music video. As a freestyle video, however, it is one of the best I've seen.
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