Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine

January 31, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Continuing on from yesterday and looking at the songs that inspired the most recent hit song by 99 Souls' "The Girl Is Mine", I am watching the other music video to the mashup of the amazing song. This was combined with Destiny's Child's "Girl" to create an amazing song which had a brilliant music video too. Destiny's Child's music video to "Girl" also hit the mark, but how will this one shape up? I just love how these two songs got combined together and both are extremely unrecognisable in the 99 Souls' "The Girl Is Mine", it's pure brilliance! Brandy & Monica fight over a guy through verbal verses, who wins? Girls win, never fight for a guy, because he is not worth it if it means you have to compete against someone just as good as you are.

Brandy & Monica won a lot of awards for this song, as well as a grammy. They both have had successful careers, and are definitely established singers. Although they will need a massive hit to make it back on to the charts. Brandy Norwood agreed to allow 99 Souls to use this song, but had to rerecord the song for them, as Monica Brown refused to allow them to use her vocals. So in theory Brandy has had a hit again with this song thanks to 99 Souls' "The Girl Is Mine". Monica believes the song should remain in the past as it means so much to her, which is clearly understandable, however both songs used in the 99 Souls' song are unrecognisable, I cannot believe they're the same songs, and I also find it difficult to discern where the lyrics from this song and Destiny's Child's "Girl" has come from. The track has definitely put Brandy back on the charts, and she should jump on the bandwagon and release something to allow promote her music, if she wants to get back into the music industry. The song was written by LaShawn Daniels, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III, Japhe Tejeda and Brandy Norwood. The song hit number two in the UK, just missing out on the top spot thanks to B*Witched's "C'est La Vie".

The music video was directed by Joseph Kahn. The video is fully narrative, with a relaxed performance piece that fails to invigorate me, these girls should be giving it everything they've got, I know R&B is meant to be relaxed, but this is sit down have a hot drink kind of relaxed, not The Boy Is Mine, girl! Hands off! kind of relaxed.

The start has Brandy watching Jerry Springer, but Monica wants to watch a film, and as Monica turns her channel on her TV, the frequency automatically changes Brandy's TV. This gets them both annoyed and they turn the TV's off just to sing.

They fight with their words, but there's no passion behind they're words, I feel they are just singing, even when they're acting with the guy. Who is played by Mekhi Phifer.

They are neighbours, which kind of reminds me of Aerosmith & Run DMC's "Walk This Way", as well as Girls Aloud & Sugababes cover video of the same song "Walk This Way". It has a similar rivalry vibe, however these totally outdo this music video.

The girls' heart just isn't in it, although they clearly enjoyed the ending, when they threw out his stuff at the same time, and they're telling each other that the boy is theirs. They then decide that he isn't worth it, that's pretty obvious by this point, and the guy comes back and finds out the girls know about each other, and they aren't happy with him... It isn't too different to Destiny's Child's "Girl", no wonder, these two songs just were meant to be paired together.

Overall, amazing song although I don't think it's quite that powerful. The music video just falls flat. I really would've loved the original talking bit in the song that can be heard in the actual version of the song. I am also not so keen on the camera angles, I do not get why the camera turns on it's side, it's distracting and draws away from the music video. However it's relatable and a great narrative.
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