Sigma & Rita Ora - Coming Home

09 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This video was released on bonfire night, perfect celebratory release as we released fireworks into the night sky for Guy Fawkes Day. Here's a little UK history lesson for you all. The tradition started because on 5th November 1605, a member of the Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes, was found with explosives under the House of Lords. It's celebrated because he was found, and King James I, had survived the attempt on his life. People lit bonfires around London to celebrate, and since then the tradition was born. Rita Ora looks stunning in this Sigma produced track, on her way home, perhaps for the Christmas Holidays? Sigma and Rita Ora spend time with friends, in the place they call home.

Sigma are a duo consisting of Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie. Signing with 3 Beat Records was the best thing they could've done. Even though I am not a fan of their record label and how they managed ex-acts, I have to admit, they are vastly becoming a hit record label, especially with the artists they have behind them, it is how they manage and promote them to the best of their ability as to why the singers and acts are on form, lately. Sigma has had hit after hit since signing with this record label, and they are not going to stop, that much is clear. As for Rita Ora, she needs another number one hit to pull out of the bag. She was raking them in, in her early days, but recently, she hasn't been quite hitting the mark. Her second studio album should be released soon, however she has recently filed a law suit to be released from her contract, and so her recorded album may never see the light of day, and her singles "I Will Never Let You Down", "Poison" and "Body On Me", may all end up as non-album singles. Rita Ora, you NEED another number one! This song was written by Wayne Hector, Tom Barnes, Ben Kohn and Pete Kelleher.

Directed by Georgia Hudson, this video shows Rita Ora returning home after pursuing her dreams and becoming the well known singer we all know her as.

I have to give kudos, straight up, to Kyle De Volle for Rita Ora's stunning clothes. Perfect outfits that make her look gorgeous without showing too much flesh, I especially like her coat in the taxi, which Jojo Copeman totally combined perfectly with purple lipstick to match. Rita Ora looks stunning! She totally outshines Sigma, almost to the extent that Britney Spears did in the Will.I.Am song "Scream & Shout".

Rita Ora never fails to disappoint, her performance glows out to us as an audience, and yet this song is not perfect for her vocal range, and yet she does her best, and gives us the energy vibes we truly need.

Sigma is just having fun, being at home with friends, and in the presence of Rita Ora, and can we really blame them? Cool, calm and relaxed, Sigma proves that the track is theirs as they don't need to do a single thing, just have a bit of a laugh and have fun.

The song is extremely catchy, and yet not one I would personally play on repeat... It gets too repetitive after the third listen, if that. The music video is beautifully stunning, Rita Ora is centre stage, and works it to the full, giving us exactly what we need, and she definitely means every word she is singing.
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