Fast Food Rockers - Say Cheese (Smile Please)

10 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Thought I'd put my Thursday Revisit review to use and review the second single from the Fast Food Rockers, because the chance of this group making it on my blog again is next to none, and I can't believe what I've just watched... I could understand the "Fast Food Song", but this follow up single is just bad, and not in a happy smiley good way. The Fast Food Rockers attempt to spread cheerfulness and happiness in this cheesy song that even has cheese in the title. Too happy, too cheesy and way too over the top for my liking, just not good overall.

I very much doubt this group will ever reform, they're pretty much look and sound like they've walked right off a holiday camp site such as Butlins, they do act like they're redcoats and they've even got their mascot with them at all times, who is called Hot Dog. The Fast Food Rockers consisted of Martin Rycroft, Lucy Meggitt and Ria Scott. This is their second single, the follow up to the "Fast Food Song". This song, surprisingly, peaked on the UK chart at number 10. It was written by Mike Stock, Steve Crosby and Bob Patmore.

To say this music video is cheesy is an understatement, this has extra cheese on top, if that's even possible.

Filled with dance routine that is a little bit more complicated than the previous one for the "Fast Food Song", as well as showing off slightly, this music video just fails, it feels totally fake, and extremely annoying.

The song isn't that catchy so I have no idea why it charted so high. Some scenes are just dire and fails to keep me entertained, let alone anyone else, and although it totally relates to the song, it still fails as a video, because I definitely won't be watching this again.
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