New Release: Sigala Featuring Imani & DJ Fresh - Say You Do

March 18, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sigala is bringing hit after hit, he is the one to watch, he is the one on everyone's lips, he is the one getting the chart numbers and he is the one who is bringing summer anthems to Britain while it's dreary and cold! He is also bringing fresh talent to the table, which is definitely helping him chart well, as well as collaborating with big names which brings crossover fans, I just want him to collaborate with one of my favourite artists. Summery and fun, this music video pushes Imani into the spotlight, whilst Sigala and DJ Fresh creates the amazing sounds behind the scenes. Hot, sexy, calm and full of life, this video is the fun summer anthem during spring!

Sigala, real name Bruce Fielder, has released two singles that has had global success "Easy Love" which hit number one here in the UK, and "Sweet Lovin'". This third single is going to follow in the previous hits' success, no doubt. He is bringing the summer throughout the year, and this song does exactly that. Imani, full name Imani Williams, is new and fresh, this is her first single and she has an incredible voice, if this song doesn't prove it enough, I suggest you listen to her acoustic videos on Instagram here, just wow! DJ Fresh also features on this song, real name Daniel Stein, he used to easily chart well, but his singles haven't matched up to his number one hits, and it seems this song might just push him back into the limelight. This song samples Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby", and was written by Sigala, DJ Fresh, Imani Williams, The Invisible Men, Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri and Manuel Seal. The song reminds me of Cover Drive's "Twilight", it has the same feel and summer vibe, and I guess Imani reminds me slightly of Amanda Reifer.

Directed by Craig Moore; the video was set in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Imani is central figure in this music video, the spotlight is on her and no one else.

She's full of life and fun, releasing the summer vibes for this summer hit, her performance is meaningful and joyous.

She nails the choreography given to her, she captures the audience in her dancing, her relaxation and in her singing. She not only means every word, but she is having one of the best times in Jamaica, and we all want to be there to enjoy it with her.

Imani is just so excited to be in this video, you can tell that she was meant to do this, as she is enjoying every moment of this, and in doing so she releases those feelings out to us allowing us to feel what she's feeling, giving us a joyous viewing.

Sexy and hot, Imani is a soon-to-be superstar, the video extras fail to grab the spotlight from her, apart from the kid breakdancing on the shoreline, however no one else manages to shine as Imani proves she was meant to do this. I can't wait to see where she'll go next, hopefully a solo hit is around the corner, she has the voice for it.
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