Chart Mondays: Tinie Tempah Featuring Zara Larsson - Girls Like

March 28, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Mike Posner is still at number one with "I Took A Pill In Ibiza", so I'm excited to choose a song in the top ten, and I'm so happy that this is in the top ten this week! Finally it has a video, although we're all completely disappointed Zara Larsson is not in it whatsoever, why tease it so much if it was apparently shot last minute? They could've included her one way or another, regardless of how busy she might've been. This totally ruined any chance of me enjoying this video, which totally makes it difficult to review. Full of grinding, twerking and confidence, this video relates to the song, but whereas the song is amazingly catchy, more thanks to Zara Larsson than Tinie Tempah, this video falls dead to the water.

Tinie Tempah, real name Patrick Okogwu, has made quite the name for himself, all of his solo songs have been hits, so it's undeniable that he will forever be in our charts. He has seven number ones under his belt, and I reckon he will be getting a lot more in the future. Featuring is new star Zara Larsson, who definitely won't be disappearing any time soon, although saying that... Not appearing in a music video with Tinie Tempah might not do her any favours. "Lush Life" is one of my favourite songs, and she has a killer voice on "Never Forget You". She shocks everyone with this, because it suits her perfectly, and yet... No sign of her in the video. The song is a hit, but maybe it would've performed better if the video had Zara Larsson in.

The video was shot in Cape Town, South Africa. Filmed whilst Tinie Tempah took a long stay over there. Clearly Zara Larsson didn't have time to fly over there and film it. It's saddening to think that she wasn't featured in the music video, especially since she makes this song, although Tinie Tempah's rapping is on point.

Tinie Tempah hosts a street party, and it's all fun and games. He performs well in this, although he doesn't do much, he looks relaxed, like he's at home in Cape Town.

The dancers can dance, that's undeniable, and yet they aren't given much choreography, just a few booty shakes, a bit of twerking and grinding. These dancers can do so much more, yet there there to look sexy.

Zara Larsson's verse is done quite cheap and nastily, although I love the idea behind the bathroom scene, as girls' chatter in bathrooms; the scene isn't shown as how I would imagine. It paints a bad picture both generally and culturally. And although they have someone who looks similar to Zara Larsson in the background, I feel that this not only erases her from the song and video entirely, but having other women lip-sync to her lyrics kills her off. This reminds me a lot of Ms. D in Wiley's "Heatwave", who never appeared in that video. Difference is Zara Larsson is a chart success with her own songs, you don't just not include her and expect people, to not only not notice, but also not want answers. Where is she?

Overall, Tinie Tempah does he's best to perform, but without Zara Larsson it was never going to work. The video relates well, although could've been so much more. With all the hype created about this video, it should've been a stunner, since the song is amazing. The song would get five stars from me, but since I'm purely basing the rating on the video, I have no choice but to give it this rating.
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