New Release: AlunaGeorge Featuring ZHU - My Blood

29 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

If you want her blood, her love, you have better come see her. AlunaGeorge's amazing new song is quite the grower, much like their other songs. Aluna takes centre stage as always in this cold stare of a video, or should I say visualette? Aluna Francis doesn't do much in her bedroom, apart from stare at her reflection in a broken mirror, telling someone that they better come see her if they want her blood or her love.

AlunaGeorge are a duo consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid. They have had various occasional hits, with many of their singles not charting at all, however they did get a critically acclaimed debut album. They're ready to follow up with their next album 'I Remember', but their single releases haven't exactly been popular. This song has got me slightly excited to see what is to come, as this is quite the grower, something I could totally see radio picking up as weeks go by, although it doesn't feel like a chart success. The song features ZHU, real name Steven Zhu, who is a music producer and has had a massive worldwide hit with "Faded". His follow-up singles didn't prove so well, but he'll be one that never strays too far from the limelight, definitely will see another chart hit from him soon, no doubt. The song was written by Aluna Francis, George Reid, Steven Zhu and Dante Jones.

Directed by Daniel Iglesias Jr. the video is a visualisation of strength. Aluna Francis acts well, you can feel her pain; her sadness. Her cold stare sends chill waves to me, I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of her.

Aluna Francis hand-dries her hair, either she's just had a shower or she's come in from a massive storm; the state of the bedroom suggests the latter creatively.

There's a lot of close ups, the smoke rising from the cigarette in the ashtray sends the entire video hazy. Seven years bad luck from the broken mirror, reflects the small amount of change she has.

She performs effortlessly, you can really tell this song means so much to her, and I'm captured by her performance in the mirror, she knows exactly how to send emotion out, and she does an amazing job.

Overall, a pure relaxed performance piece, filled with pain and sadness. Effortlessly portrayed in this visualette, that is an outstanding piece of work, it relates, it's cold and creepy, yet simple and artistic. There's not much else to say.
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