Mason Noise - Take A Seat

April 02, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Mason Noise, the guy who had an argument on stage with Simon Cowell during the six chair challenge. He is the guy that threw the mic to the ground and said he was 'done', the guy who wasn't happy he had minutes of air time during his audition, and with that cocky attitude he has got, it didn't really surprise me. I liked him from the get-go when he was dancing up against Rita Ora, but his attitude behind the scenes didn't look good, he was arrogant during bootcamp. I reckon I would've disliked his audition if he was given more air time than other people. However regardless of the argument, he has a good voice, and he has a chance to get far if he takes the opportunities given to him. Mason Noise is from Birmingham, my home town, so it's fitting he'll be returning for Birmingham Pride 2016. Mason Noise doesn't perform so well in this video, which is definitely high quality and although sketchy, it's professional.

MAKE SOME NOISE FOR...The next act to be announced for the Birmingham Pride Main Stage on Sunday 29 May is Birmingham'...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
Mason Noise, real name Mason Binnell, came seventh on the most recent series of The X Factor, series 12. Make some noise for Mason Noise was a clever catch phrase used during the series. Not many wowed us from this series, it was another average year from The X Factor, who comes out on top really depends on who gets the most chart hits, especially since the winner's single got the lowest chart peak in The X Factor history. Mason Noise has three singles on iTunes, and two music video, the other one is for "Blow The Doors Off". He has the voice to make it a career, but has The X Factor knocked his arrogance? There's a fine line between being confident and cocky, cocky doesn't get you anywhere, confidence is picking yourself back up, and by returning to The X Factor, Mason Noise showed he can do it. It was written by DA SETH and Mason Noise.

Directed by DA SETH, there is a lot of amazing visuals that are unbelievable. This is a high quality video, which is what I wasn't expecting from a video before The X Factor.

The camera angles and the camera shots are obvious and too clear cut. The editing is even worse and doesn't flow that well, but that's technicalities.

Attempting to be sexy, there is girls wearing very little, however what makes this completely different is the inclusions of animals, although I'm not so keen on the appearance of DA SETH. There's these gorgeous girls holding the animals, the scorpion, the snake. the horse, and then there's DA SETH with an eagle. Now, they should've included a sexy guy, holding the eagle, and DA SETH could've just appeared in Mason Noise's performance side of the video.

As for Mason Noise, he looks like a lost boy, or one who has been sent to sit on the naughty step. He looks like he is the type of person to sulk if he doesn't get his way. He has always got that face and I actually just want to slap a smile out of him, or something rather than the sulk face, because it isn't a good look. Hopefully The X Factor has taught him how to perform better than he does in this.

A High quality music video, with basic editing skills and a not so great performance. Apart from that, brilliant visuals, relatable to an extent and a not so bad song with brilliant vocals. Mason Noise could be a star, he could set Birmingham Pride 2016 stage alight, I may or may not be there to see him, but importantly, he needs to take the opportunities he's been given, stop sulking and start smiling, he's one to look out for, no doubt about it.
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